Friday, May 22, 2015

School days (and the end of pre-K)

I must say this year has been a blessing for Zoe regarding school.  By her going, it enabled my sister to be able to watch my youngest kids during the first semester, while I worked (having 5 four and under, including two babies, was a bit too much - but 4 was doable for that super women).  Zoe developed and grew so much, thankfully having a nurturing, loving and amazing teacher!  
She has grown so much since being the itty bitty at the beginning of the school year!
She was able to write and give this to her teacher (so adorable)!
Her teacher, Mrs. Anderson, had so much patience and was inspiring!

They put on a precious 4K graduation in the garden at their school.
With official handshakes from the principal and teachers.
And sunglasses to celebrate!
Then we had a fun little celebration in the cafeteria.
Zoe and her bestie!  Those smiles!
She also loves Ezra!
We were thankful that Grammy and poppy could come too!
We couldn't be more proud of this little one that has such a loving, obedient, smart heart!  She can't wait for school to start again, as she loved it so much.  It has been a stretching year, in some ways, to have her go off on her own adventures but so thankful for God's grace in taking care of her the entire time!

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