Thursday, April 30, 2015

Acrobates, Birthdays and Dr. Visits (April '15)

Well April Showers it was for a big chunk of the month, but we managed to squeeze in some beautiful weather as well! Perfect for a Loveland visit (post to come)!  Let's be honest, Zoe had spring break the week before the visit, which included her birthday, so I had a couple of weeks were I just wanted to play and enjoy being with the family!  
A huge highlight was taking the girls to the circus!
They have a fun pre-show where you get to go down to the floor and participate in some activities.
We even met the main stars of the show (but before we knew who they were).
True story: I adore the circus, amazed at the strength and bravery of the human body and soul. The tickets can be pricey so for years I would hope to win tickets over the radio when they did giveaways....I never won (I know huge shocker).  After we had Zoe, I really wanted her to experience the magic as well, so I finally figured out the best deal and away we went.  (On opening night you can get the cheapest tickets for great seats - buy at the box office with a coupon = best deal!)
Also, bring your large purse so to include healthier snacks from home!
Zoe's school had a principal pinning ceremony again.  I forgot until that morning, and when I mentioned that I might not be able to make it, Zoe gave me the saddest little face.....OK.....I will make it happen!
Swap time....I made a lot of different things, as I thought there would be a big turn out....including some organic coffee and milk exfoliating soap.  It ended up being amazing and Beach snatched up a bar quickly before I even got there!
I would say we (Zoe and I) came home with a ton of goodies!
Iris plants, lasagna, coconut muffins, fresh caught trout, whole-grain pizza dough, hand knit scarf, cow boy dip, two containers of sour dough crackers, sourdough English muffins, strawberry sauce, lavender soaps, two dill beans, homemade bubbles, handmade earrings, chocolate sauce, aloe plant, pizza crust, caramel sauce, salted caramel sauce, Citrus scrub, Bath salts, potato salad, and I got to take home my peanut butter with raisins and coconut! 
So after days and days of rain....I take everything I can do outside....and guess who gets to come too!
Zoe shares a birthday month with her dad (her birthday post here).  The birthday boy's date of choice....Pawleys Front Porch...with friends.  Beach was cute when he asked, "I can go anywhere...even without a coupon!"  It was my first time and the burgers were pretty massive.  It was a fun evening with my special squeeze!
Beach loves him some pancakes!
We, also, celebrated on his birthday day with my family!
Yes, Beach requested burgers again, and my dad was so thoughtful in making the whole meal himself (due to mom being sick!).
The seat of honor to get to participate in the candle blowing as well!
So even though Beach has had his old truck awhile, I had yet to be able to ride in it.  A surprise night with friends proved a great occasion for my first trip!  It was a lot of fun and made me wonder how the world was like when this puppy was in its prime. 
Confession....I didn't completely think this through, as on the way back was very chilly and had me huddled as I, also, forgot my jacket!
We snapped a quick pic on the way out of the prom scene they had set up for the following night!  It was just yesterday that we went to junior prom together right?
Warmer weather means different special treats...and now I know to only have them on bath nights!
Bath with bubbles!
Dresses...always dresses.  White is appropriate for muddy yard work, yes?
I love that my littles always want snuggles...sad the day when this may not be the case.
Workouts continue....sometimes with little partners that join in!
We have had several visits to the doctor recently, for Zoe's cyst in her neck and then for a chronic cough that she had to get an ultrasound done and see a expert to rule out asthma.  
I was just so thankful that I did not have to figure out what I was going to do around work, which would have been tricky, but could make the appointments when they needed to be done.
Zoe brought her lunch one day, as she was not able to finish it as school.  I thought it funny that the nurses/staff were so surprised by her pepper eatings.....but she is so very health conscious, which is why we had probably not been to the doctor in some time.  We are making up for that now....hoping this part of the journey ends soon!

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