Wednesday, April 1, 2015


How is it that you blink a couple of times and five years goes by, five wonderful challenging years, yet in the same thought it's hard to imagine my life before my little Zoe.  
I have so enjoyed seeing her mind grow and develop over the past year.  Starting school has been wonderful for Zoe, as she is so social and adores her teacher and friends.  I'm amazed at how her drawling has greatly improved, how she can now write, is working on sight words and started spelling and math.  So much in a few short months.
 She wants to do the right thing so badly and it is a comfort to know that I can trust her!  She can be silly, too, enjoying the big licks of the granola bowl.
I have delighted in seeing her develop socially, becoming engaging with others her age and learning how to adapt.

It has been so fun to see her thrive in her dance class, LOVING Tuesdays when she gets to go and being so thankful and excited whenever she gets to perform.  This picture is when she is posed and ready to do her "goat dance" for a sneak peak for the parents after class.
Mostly, I'm so thankful that she loves Jesus, that she wants to know if others know about Him, that she wants to read her Bible each night and practice her memory verses on the way to school (her mind so sharp in remembering).  Zoe amazes me about her knowledge of the Word and the challenging spiritual questions that she is always asking.
My precious Zoe, the one who I see myself in so many ways (which really gives me a lot of insight in how to pray for her)!  May you always have such a great enthusiasm and positive passion about life, may you always cherish your school, friends and teachers, may you worry less about what others are doing and have, may you continue to wonder about the world around you - figuring out how all things work, and above all may your love for the Lord and understanding of His love (and ours) for you grow deeper and deeper each year! 

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