Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Zoe's 5th Birthday Day

Although we did celebrate all the kids birthdays together with the Frozen Bash, I still wanted her birthday day to make Zoe feel special.  It was spring break from school so we had the whole day together.
She wanted a breakfast just like her sister had for her birthday!
The art museum had a great children's program that day, and since my mom was also on spring break, she took Addy and we all went together!
The program was filled with stories, songs, art work appreciation and making art yourself!

For some reason Zoe was really not impressed with the idea of wanting to paint.
 She especially did not appreciate my attempting to help her, which ended up with blue splatter paint all over her face and me attempting not to giggle too much!
However, the pouting did not last long and we were on to the next thing!
Such a beautiful day!
Zoe loved wearing her birthday dress from Grandma!
Then we went and picked up some ice cream of her choosing with her birthday coupon.  She was ecstatic to get to pick whatever she wanted and shared with mommy!
Some baking time together!
Grammy made her requested dessert, a chocolate cake with one cherry on top.
Such a loved girl!

Then we opened a couple of more presents to seal the day with gladness!
What a joy to bring joy to our little Zo Buggs!  Here is to so many more and that you always know how cherished you are!

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