Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sumer, Sumer, Sumer time....June

Trying to stay cool in this heat is no small task...but we had some fun trying!
Seeing these lovely girls brought me back to how this was my job (child party entertainer) for a few years in college and I missed it a bit.  Then I realized, I'm way to old to pull off a princess....but I certainly don't feel like it!
The girls were almost in shock to see them, but got in some love from these favorites!
Our Dr. checkup went well...and we still were scheduled for Zoe's surgery to have the cyst in her throat removed....hoping that she feels better by then.
They have a beautiful garden/fountain/labyrinth behind the Dr. office that we found!
The Art Smart Academy has a new location complete with room to mold and paint!
When I saw they were offering a free class...you know I jumped on it and it was a great funny mini-date with my man!  We were even able to paint it that night too!  It was a huge class and they were very kind in accommodating everyone that wanted to try it out.  We will come back again!
Zoe learned about the kick-off reading program at the State Museum at her school about a month ago, and since that time has been very excited to go!  I have no idea what they told her that it was going to be....but she was excited none the less.
It was a crowded but fun morning with some crafts....
Funny picture booth complete with costume...
(That provided interesting pictures)
face painting...
And exploring.
Dad was a trouper, in that he did not feel well (and hates such large crowds) and took a long long nap when we got home!

Playdates are a lot of fun.  Renee capture these sweet pictures of some of the love.

Beauty in Brokenness, a live event from the blog, Called for Such a Time.
It was such a special time of worship for women, where the Lord's love hit me so strongly, yet again!
Summer library activities can be really fun...especially when your friends come too!
The marionette theater did a fantastic job with the Cinderella show that was very entertaining (even for Shiloh who was content, mostly, to sit with me....win win!).
My girls wanted to dress up (despite it not being a dress up thing) wig and all.  The pictures crack me up as it seems more like George Washington style!
This went so well that I think we will try regular story time next week!
After Zoe's hospital stay a sweet friend provided us dinner (which was so thoughtful as I was exhausted in coming home!).  She also gave us this beautiful cake!
Holla for another amazing swap!!!!  Even though it was a smaller turn out, I still came home with lots of goodies: tex-Mex chicken casserole, tomatoes, oregano, lemon dill, smoothie mixes, caramel sauce, banana bread, lemon bread, herb pizza dough, minestrone soup mix, chocolate granola, Home cured and smoked bacon, Pork sausage, strawberry jam, spicy palmetto cheese, and peach jam. 
Our father's day was pretty low key, as this momma was still pretty worn out.  
The girls each created a paper for daddy and we enjoyed spending some time with him.
 I enjoy seeing their funny perspective at this age!
He loved them!
While we were on our weekend getaway, my parents graciously took care of the littles and sent us some fun pictures along the way!
They even took them to a hot members night at the zoo with my sister.
Although I can't tell who had more fun!

Then on Saturday they had some outdoor water play!
Love these pictures Danielle captured!
Followed by some well needed rest!
We are all very blessed to have such a great Grammy and Poppy!

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