Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fall fun, the Grands visit again (October '15)

I must say much of this month has been HARD.  Physically and emotionally I have been spent many times than I can count!  There were a few brief highlights...
like making coffee with my man!  We don't do many weddings, as the weekends are usually a busy family time (and catch up around the house time) but when we do, coffee bars are a major hit and joy! The night of the 1000 year flood, it began the heavy raining (after doing so for a couple of weeks) and we were glad to make it home safely!
 Getting through the week of the floods (and loss of electricity, clean water, no school - all while fighting my own illness) was difficult on so many levels and my heart ached to help while my circumstances said "No!"  
My mom took the kids one morning so I could attempt to get some rest, and they went to the zoo with the cousins!  Danielle always takes fun pictures!
I feel like my kids were climbing the walls when we finally were able to get out of the house...and any other thing that they came across.
We love our tradition of popcorn and movie nights on Friday!  The littles watch little this is a special treat!  What a joy to have all my littles close.
When you find out that there is a free dinner at a new must try it....even with the craziness in toe.  Luckily we found back-up there!
Why oh why is she in this silly open your mouth when you take a picture phase?  Dates with Shi to the library!
On one glorious late afternoon when Beach was blessed to be done with work a little earlier we discovered a cute little park near our house!  We had a blast discovering the nature around.  Little Ezra is a bundle of energy and loves to chase his sisters!
After a couple of busy nights for this momma, I came home to find this.  My sweet boys.  Beach reported that when he got tired each night Ezra would craw on daddy's chest and go right to sleep (so of course Daddy joined him)!

Beach escaped for a whole weekend away on a men's retreat.....this momma survived!  There were many tears over their missed daddy.  I tried to make some special moments with the kiddos.  They wanted to walk the golf course after we did.  The girls held hands, giggled and often hurried on ahead of us.....which lead to chasing of Ezra for over 30 minutes attempting to keep up!  
They love to explore this "castle tree".
May they always be the best of friends!
While mommy got her hair done my littles had some Russell time!
Including hugs when Lydia was not looking...
Teacher story time...
And Ezra making his own blocks!
This little was so excited when she realized I had finally gotten a pumpkin.  When she was going to help me with the groceries, I heard, "Take a picture of me mom!" and found her in the back hugging it.
And again she wanted a picture caring in the grocery pose!
A Grandpa and Grandma Loveland visit was way overdue!  
Daddy had to work a lot but we found some fun around town.  Grandma, of course, brought many cute dresses!

An open house around the corner had a few fun things to explore!
We traveled around a small lake for some trick-o-treat fun.  This little giraffe was a cute handful!
Our attempt at a family picture...Ezra just wanted to head to the water the whole time.

Another evening we went out to dinner.  
I spent most of the time outside attempting to keep the littles entertained and out of trouble!  But took a break for a funny picture with daddy's drink.
Another day we had a fun date complete with a trip to the library...
 the dollar store for a treasure...
(I think this was my favorite picture!)
and out to eat!
 And have to have a bit of playing around!
I have no idea where she gets it from!

A trip is not complete without a batch (or two) of Grandma's cookies!
Loveland lady snuggles!
Getting some good car advice from his Grandpa!
I was so blessed to be able to help at Zoe's school at their fall fair!  Little Ms. Fancy Nancy and I had a good time.  Although I mostly just got to watch her from a far, as I helped out!
Not the best picture of us...but glad to have it none the less!
Fun rides from daddy when he got home!
Shiloh insisted on trying on her toddler dress up item.  Then loved it so much played she in it outside later that day....till she got to sweaty.  Cracked me up!
With all the excitement it was a much needed creative restful night at home...
complete with pumpkin carving and painting.
Although this is often the look I get from Ezra!
Dress up time!  How adorable is this!!!  Some Loveland Coffee costumers (and now good friends) had this amazing idea!
The girls were pretty excited about the evening candy exploration!  Ezra, not so much!
But when he found that he got to run after his sisters all over the place, he changed his mind!
It was a lower attended evening but we still enjoyed ourselves!
Seriously there is nothing sweeter for this momma than seeing the love between her children and their daddy!
Loving all this LOVE!

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