Sunday, November 8, 2015

Washed in the water fun!

Zoe gave her life to the Lord over a year ago but we had never talked about her getting baptized.  I suppose it was just because of her age that we had yet to bring up the subject.  However, through our reading the Bible, many times we have read about John the Baptist and his ministry, never connecting the dots for her on our need to do so as well.

Several months ago, at a daddy-daughter dance, she whispered to Beach how she wanted to get baptized.  What brought this about was a mystery to us, but her heart was set on it.  Months later when Zoe visited my parents church on a sleepover night, she ended up in the service with them due to fear of the classroom.  They had members being baptized during the service, her first witness to a live account.  Zoe was ready to do so then and there but my parents encouraged her to wait to talk to us.
Upon further discussion, we decided she was ready, but I was still torn because of her age and just wondering if she would be able to handle it.  How not so wonderful it would be if we got all ready and got up there and she backed out...I think that was more of a nervous issue for this momma!   So I had her observe the next baptism at our church, because it may be different than what she had set in her mind.  Yep, she was still excited and on board...constantly asking when they would do it again so she could join!

She continued to ask about it and, one evening when it was just the two of driving, she was really quiet (this is a true rarity with her).  I asked if she was, no she was fine.  A moment later she told me she was scared.  "Scared?  Honey what's wrong?"  She explained that she had been thinking about when she would be getting baptized and the thought of just being wet the entire time at church.  When I explained that we would bring another change of clothes, I could see the widest smile come across her face, elated!  She planned out which bathroom she would change in and again asked when the special day would arrive.

We had a meeting with our campus pastor the week before.  It was a  bit difficult, to say the least, as the younger ones were with us too, acting very much their age.  When asked why she wanted to be baptized, she explained because she believed that it would be fun.  I'm not going to lie, my heart felt a little embarrassed, we must have missed it in explaining it to her!!!  We went on with the meaning and our pastor explained how baptism was an acting out of Jesus death and resection and a sign for others to see.  She understood this clearly.  We continued to talk about it in the days leading up to it, for I really wanted her to grasp the magnitude of what she was doing!
The more I thought about it, the more I, also, realized she was partly right.  This was to be fun.  God wants us to be excited about Him, about celebrating what He has done.  He wants us to be joyful and look forward to the symbols that He has given us. Perhaps I need to have a little more of this perspective in getting the opportunity to do things He has set up for me.  I want to have fun with my Lord.
The morning came and I did have a bit of nerves.  Even though I knew her heart was in the right place, Zoe still was only five, and sometimes five-year-olds are unpredictable, especially in new situations (like being on stage and going under water - which she normally does not like).  We managed to get to church early, of course not without some attack on the enemy and stress in being able to do so. Zoe wanted to sit through the service with us, and I was so thankful to be able to hold her, take a couple of deep breaths and worship before service began! 
After an introduction about baptism by one of our pastors, Beach was able to baptize Zoe.  It was special to hear him recount how we chose Zoe's name, the Lord's early pull on her life, on how she gave her life to the Lord and how she told him that she wanted to be baptized.  She beamed throughout it and when he little Sunday school class came in managed a little wave to a friend.  
Then the moment was here.  I was blessed in be able to hold her hand as she was emerged in the warm water, needing an extra little assistance in going down.  Her cute little legs popped up in the process. Then I whisked her away to get dry.  
Later on in the day she would often exclaim with a big grin, "I can't believe that I got baptized today!!" Although going under the water was not her favorite part, the process was such a blessing.  She continues to share her great news with many others that we come across, whether she knows them or not.  Thank you Lord, that you draw this one so close and are doing amazing things in her life!  Zoe may you relationship with the Lord continue to grow in knowledge of His love for you and may you always have fun with Him! 
(A picture Zoe drew recently at school - thankful for God - and dad and mom, too.)

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