Monday, November 30, 2015

Lots of PUMPKIN and THANKS (November 2015)

I was so looking forward to being able to go on the field trip to the pumpkin patch with Zoe's school. 
Especially after it was postponed due to the flood...and then the rains held off for us a second time (but rain boots just in case & mud)!
It was our first time there and they had so many fun activities for the littles!

Plus I got to go home with this cutie-pie.

Until next time Pumpkin patch!

Many times now a days we must combine work and to help serve with this hottie one night!
 And we got these lovely pictures out of the deal!
Daddy loved his date so much he went on one with both the girls (separately) later in the week...trying to invest in them!  They all had a great time!
Art Museum fun with Shiloh and friends to create our own art!
She was all about not taking a one we could manage!
However, I was able to get a cheer out of her when she wore her outfit for the Grands in Michigan!

Anytime Zoe sees Shiloh doing something, she doesn't waste any time doing it too!
"Take a picture of me mommy!"

Lydia's birthday party was a great time to catch up with friends and celebrate!

So much so that I forgot to capture a picture of the birthday girl!

Co-op time means watching all the littles have fun together!
The girls really entertain themselves and love playing happily together for hours!  So thankful they are such good friends!

So taking the kids out is always a challenge.  So yes, at 1.5 years old, Ezra had his first trip to Target.  For a quick run in to get a TP deal that I ordered online.  They loved it!  I felt silly driving a semi truck cart, but oh so thankful for it!
Yes!  Beautiful days call for a trip to the zoo with friends!
There was a lot of pep talk and encouragement for these pics with my big three year old!
We kept the boys in the strollers as long as possible.  Once released, there was no stopping him!
Such a special time to see my Kindergartner perform in her class.  We were a few minutes early and Shiloh (wearing her "book bag" and all) was able to sit next to her sister on the carpet and listen to a story....holding hands...melt me!

They were adorable!  I want to put these moments in a bottle!

We snuck a picture with one of Zoe's good friends at lunch!
Sweet (and crazy) girls! Shiloh was beyond elated to eat at Zoe's school, packing her own lunch the morning before when she found out what was going to go down!
Kid free time for some kid free craft fun!
This swap was the mother load!  November swap how I love you!
Saluda Stroll is so beautiful....
just really long with littles that may go crazy on ya!  And those that prefer to be held instead of pushed!
One day I will have a cooler camera phone, like Uncle Aaron, that will take better pictures. 
 I'm glad Daddy could join us this year!
 We missed Lauren but glad to have a lot of other helping hands! 
"War Paint" in the Revive Wellness workout class I have been beyond blessed to go to!  Worship through workout....I would never had imagined.  I'm pretty sure it is a bit like heaven! Yes workouts can be worship.
It's so good to have Beach home Thanksgiving morning, a rarity these days.  He spent it making deserts, a pumpkin pie and an amazing cheesecake.  The girls helped a bit before settling in to watch the Macy's day parade!
We double dipped for Thanksgiving!
 On the day itself we spent it with Beach side of the family, his second cousins and their newest addition.
The next day was my families' turn and we continued with some of our traditions, including Zoe helping to wrap our thanks in rolls to be read out loud together later.
Apparently it was a great meal, as Danielle caught the after affects later.
I forgot to gather up every one's thanks but found a few of them!  I love this tradition!
The next morning we had a slow pace to decorate the Christmas tree.  The girls seemed even more excited to help this year, happily examining each ornament. 
To cap off the month we had a really special sibling date, not sure if this has ever happened.  It was a sweet time to get to know William even better!
So much to be thankful for, especially my family!

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  1. I always enjoy and am blessed by your posts. It reminds me of the blessings that God has poured out on our family in so many ways.
    You are one of you around the moon and back again!