Friday, January 22, 2016

How to shoot a Loveland (best to include a truck)

 So can I just tell you how blessed I am that when I asked my sister about her and her hubby taking some family pictures for us she didn't hesitate at all!
Beach wanted some shots with the truck and the Russells found a great spot in Little Mountain.
I love how they captured even the smallest of moments.
This was no easy Ezra had no intentions of sitting still and smiling his normal self.
Yet they got so many treasures out of it!
I love this pictures....for in my head I can hear myself say....just keep smiling...even when Ezra was screaming in my face!
We want to get some canvases made....but will I choose?
Ezra's favorite things are cars and trucks....well Beach's too!
This picture is so Shiloh...the intense hugger!
They had an amazing bridge there, as well, in which Ezra wanted no part of a group hand we just chased him!
Love that smile!
We attempted a sit down picture....but that was mostly a wrestling match with little man.
So we had just had fun watching him run and be silly!
I want to remember even this and this phase of our lives!
 My parents came a little later...bringing the little Russells with them!
We don't have any group pictures with the kids and their amazing grandparents, so I thought this would be a great time to add that on!
A walking picture was attempted with them as well.
But more running to get wiggles out was needed first!
These girls love their Grands!
Yes, enough sitting still to get a decent picture!
Time for walking and checking out the other end!
Zoe was all about taking pictures towards the end, requesting different poses....which I figured was an attempt to get extra chocolate chips (Yes, I had to have a bringing tool)!
So worth it!

I adore this special lady right here!!!  Brings tears to my eyes thinking about how much she means to me!
I'm so thankful for such a generous sister and brother-in-law....I treasure these pictures and more importantly their love!  For real - if your in Columbia and in need of pics check them out!
Until next time....much love from the Lovelands!

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