Friday, January 1, 2016

Short but with lots of sweets

We were not expecting another Grand Loveland visit so soon but will take it for sure! 
Being the prepared ones that they were, they had brought their presents during the last visit.  So the kids had already opened them for Christmas.  However, they did have a little gift for the girls from Beach's aunt!
Yah for books!
Zoe got to go with us for Grandma's favorite!  I don't know if she has ever really been clothes shopping, so this was a very exciting experience for Zoe.  She encouraged Grandma to look at many things and then wanted to take a picture here with her.  She did not quite understand, though, that this was not shopping for her.
How adorable is this age where the littles find any shoes left out and have to try them on!
So Beach requested a lists of some of his favorite momma specialities, which he learned how to make while they were here!
First on the list....cinnamon rolls....
or "a little piece of heaven" as Grandma and Zoe refer to them as.
Beef chowder was an easy warming favorite. 
Do to some pretty rainy weather and grandma not feeling well, we did a lot of hanging out!
The kids loved having them around.
We had popcorn and movie one night and all enjoyed watching Inside Out.
I really love how the girls are old enough to get up themselves and eat some fruit on Saturday mornings to give momma and daddy a chance to sleep in.  Ez likes to join him when he is done nursing!
Grandma's spaghetti lead to fun lessons in slurping up noodles....and learning that zucchini noodles are just not as slippery.
Ez was excited to again join in!
Grandma was feeling better towards the end of the trip that she was up to making her cookies!
The best part!
I squeezed in a workout, in the meantime....Ez is the only kid who doesn't mind sweaty hugs!
New Years Eve was our last night together....and we saved the nutcracker game to celebrate!
They came complete with crowns, a joke and whistle to make a lot of "music"!
The kids ended the evening with glow stick baths and a Netflix countdown!
It was a fun night....until next year grand Lovelands!

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