Saturday, October 16, 2010

Creepy Farm Fun

Ahhh, Saturday, a day to catch up all the things that I have let slack throughout the week, but yet it was so pretty outside. So in having a good friend message me this morning about hanging out, I repressed my responsible self and to do list for the great outdoors, pumpkins, adult talk and things that I did not know that existed so close to home.

Off to a farm in Lexington that my friend knew of. I found it interesting that when we pulled up the sign advertised the pumpkins, hayrides, hunted house, and oh, yes, 25% off their bridal gowns. Ok....

So busting out the strollers on the dirt road, we pass up the scary looking hunted house and, drum roll please, Goat town.
Where all goats need tree houses, pulley systems and ramps.

Yes, it says (or did at one time) The Hilton Goatel.

What kind of other animals could they have here you wonder?

You can tell Zoe is thrilled.

Theses were next to the "yellow" water (Eli's, age 2, description of the pond for the animals).

After the excitement of so many animals, it was good to find an outhouse looking sink area with marble sinks....hummm.....

We also found a pretty scary playground, which we saw a sign for later that stated that it was free for children under two.....thank goodness!

Dianne was brave enough to let her daughter try out the unstable looking swing. More thrills.

Let's see what else can we get into......

No how about those pumpkin shots that I have been wanting? Lets try some of those. friends.
Then the jewelry war began.....gotta have the necklace...
"This is to traumatic for me."
"Oh, no you don't....I will take your eye out!"
Ok, perhaps it didn't happen quiet like that but it's always fun to wonder what babies could be thinking.

Gotta love it.....just don't get to used to the orange you pretty girl!

Some lessons I learned on our outing:
1. Another route in Lexington (a town that always seems to confuse me).
2. Marble sinks can be put in even the rustic of areas.
3. Pumpkins are very durable (Eli proved this by throwing, dropping, and rolling the many that he saw! Most of this was done in front of the huge line that was waiting for the Hayride. We provided much entertainment for the folks looking so desperate for it).
4. Bring an extra camera battery so when I do find the perfect shot for a picture it won't die on me before I get it shoot.
5. Need to make time for sun, friends, and fun on Saturday!

Nap time!


  1. that orange is beautiful around her by the way!!

  2. Looks like great fun! Yeah for you taking time to enjoy that little Zoe, friends and the wonderment of fall.