Friday, October 1, 2010

Pass the peas Please

So after a rough first try with food (the rice cereal didn't agree with Zoe and we paid for it with three nights of a crying baby) we are trying again. Of course I found some great deals on organic baby food when it was on sale (and I had some coupons) so I stocked up in a variety of flavors...all for this moment.

Time to bust out the green. I plopped some out in a bowl and sat down for dinner with the family. When Beach saw the the lovely green and asked what it was in disgust, I told him guacamole (for babies). He seemed surprised but the trusting soul that he is didn't respond to such. When I confessed it was peas, he really didn't want to give it to Zoe. Now granted I hate peas, too, but know that they are good for us and my daughter should get a fare chance of making her own decision. So here we go....

However, Beach proceeded to go on and on about how gross they were, making faces and telling me how everyone in his family hated peas.
Beach: The Lovelands just don't like peas.
Jessica: Everyone??
Beach: Well maybe not my dad
Jessica:What about your mom?
Beach: She might like them.
Jessica: So you mean just you and your brother.
Beach: Well my uncle too. He wrote a poem about how much he hated them.

Ok, I got it... Beach didn't like them. However, Zoe seemed not to mind and even seemed to enjoy them the next night. Does that look like a face that isn't having a good time!

The ironic part came at the end of the dinner, though, when I asked Beach if he liked our veggs (it was one of those Green Giant mixes that you steam). With a shrug, he stated that it was alright. Doing my best to hide my "I told you so smile," I asked him what he thought the green things were in the mix. "Green beans," he replied. Nope.....that's right....they are peas (now believe it or not this was not planned!). He didn't believe me until I broke open one of the pods and showed him.
Not so much talk about hating peas anymore.

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