Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekend without Him

So my husband is amazing and I never give him enough props for all that he does to support me in so many ways. BUT I did know that I was not looking forward to this couple weekends in a row with him out of town (glad for him though!).

While still nursing and pumping it can be hard to get other things done. Add to that a dog that keeps throwing up (what I woke up to and stepped in one morning) AND stomach cramps AND paperwork that needs to be done, AND a baby that just does not appear happy and keeps screaming (yes she got kicked out of the nursery at the gym, again, sigh) AND a dirty dirty house that begs to be cleaned before a visit from a friend I haven't seen in FOREVER = Much scrambling, crying, carpet cleaner, fresh air, and anticipation of my husband's return.

In deciding to go to a fall fest a few minutes before it started (that and the fact that the cute little monkey outfit that I bought Zoe at Tot Trade swallowed her whole), I was scrambling knowing what to put on her. So I threw on this cute TuTu that my friend made for Zo from her extra supplies (Thanks Dianne) and a Black onies from NY (it used to have a cute saying on it but thanks to a wash before wear policy - they all came off - Thanks for the thought though Shalai), and off we went.
I did enjoy the fun, although, felt somewhat silly going with just me and my baby. However, it was a good time and I got a couple of cute pics out of the deal.

So thankful to have my Beach back though!

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