Friday, October 1, 2010

Lets Make a Deal

I am sucker for good deals. It's like I get a high off of what I can find, the coupons that area there and what I can get for free. That's probably why most of the clothes I have bought for myself and my daughter have come from thrift stores (thanks to the awesome ones in MI full of treasures that the wealthy have discarded). It's also why we don't ever go out to eat without a coupon, and those times are not that often. I often get told I should teach a class about it, but that idea seems overwhelming to me, although I'm always up to sharing what I've found.

I also love routine. So for the past several weeks, on Tues. we have hit up Brugger's bagel (something I would have never done pre-baby due to the carbs) and get their 5 dollar meal deals (which really is a good deal considering their normal high high prices). But the kicker is how we pay for it, with gift cards. Gift cards that we earned by standing in line early one morning for their grand opening. At 100 dollars a pop, it was a five AM wake up that has been well worth it as we have stretched it into months worths of dinners!

Oh, and I have found a fun new store, Miss Cocky, which is full of really cute USC gear I cannot afford. But thanks to Bid Columbia I bought several 50$ gift certificates for 15 $ each (It was the minimal bid and since no one else bid on it, guess who won). I will be heading back there at the end of the season to see if I can find anything else that is on clearance, stretching just a bit further!
Oh, how I love a good deal. Extra bonuses from the weekly deals of grocery and drug stores!

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