Sunday, October 30, 2011

My sicky... so many mommy questions?

I hate being sick, but what I realize even more, is I hate when both my daughter and I are sick. It can get really boggling when you feel down for so long. I realized for the whole past half of year I have only really been well 2-3 weeks (between the morning sickness and now the colds). Yeiks....hard to maintain a good attitude through it all. What, Lord, are you trying to teach me through all of this?

So much weighs down on me emotionally, after being worn down physically. Then Zoe has some gunk in her eye...what is that...still not totally sure. Nurse on call says pink eye, that supposed to be super contagious (enough for me to miss work and the fall festival) but then why haven't I, who has a low immune system due to the pregnancy and then also having a bad cold, who gets pocked in the eye and all over my face with Zoe's germy fingers, show no symptoms of such. I should be her breading ground for germs.

I've been learning more about toxins. I've been becoming more of one those women who believe that we need to cut out all processed food and medications, which I never wanted to be. It's hard going against what most people follow, the mainstream info that is out there, "take a pill to fix it", aren't doctor's always right? But now I have this little one to protect and an even littler one inside. Don't I owe it to her to find out more about what I'm giving her? To give her the best care that I can? To not walk into things blindly, just because it seems "normal"?

It's so hard to know what to do. So hard to shift through all the research and information out there. I am thankful that we are starting with a smaller things like her eye issues, instead of something life threatening. So instead of giving her the antibiotic eye drops the nurse called in (for what may not even be pink eye), we went a different route. I changed her diet more, bought some live raw probiotics, put breast milk in her eyes (thanks to a generous friend) and had her adjusted for the first time. This is new for me....and hard...I'm very thankful for the study that I just started on Proverbs and I feel I need it more than ever! Any other moms struggle so much with this?

As a follow up I did have to take her to the doc., as my sitter wouldn't have Zoe unless she was clear....that and I don't think I could miss a whole weeks worth of work for on antibiotics we go (at least this time).
There were no Halloween antics in our house for my sick one (not that I'm a fan of the holiday) but I did throw this little number on (something Beach picked up at a garage sale months ago), briefly, so that she could get a free meal at Moe's that night.
You can see how much she loved it...this was a face she had for most of the week...good thing she didn't wear it for long....and she did not look this distraught in the store...but did love her Moes!

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