Monday, October 3, 2011

A year and a half!

How can it feel like just a short time ago yet also feel years away and that you have always been in our lives. We made it to the 18 month point, and boy did we. Some of the most stretching, loving, caring, hormonal, challenging, wonderful times of my life.
I prepared so much for my pregnancy caring you and having the best birth that I could, that when you came along I realized that I hadn't prepared as well for you being in our world. Well, that and only living in our new house under a week added to some stressful times. After those first couple of months of crying and screaming (from the both of us it seemed) we finally figured out your dairy allergy, and mommy had such banned from her diet. Once your tummy settled, so did our life a lot more.
With each new stage your brought more and more enjoyment into our lives. I have so loved seeing you grow and develop. How fun the upcoming years will be as you continue to build on such.
I love that your picking up on so many new words lately. Especially finally hearing you say Momma. That has been a long time coming. Perhaps, because I did not recite it so much, as I did most other things. But to hear you squeal my name from the other room and come running to find me with that big grin on your face....melts my heart.
That passion does not fail when your upset, either. It can be hard to communicate and not get what you want, so there have been many times of you screaming and "throwing out." However, consistency is going to be key with you little as hard as it is, we will keep pressing through and hope those times get smaller in between.
As the next year and a half will bring much more challenges, love and growth...I'm so looking forward to having you in my life to do so!

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  1. As one who as watched this journey, it brings much joy and pride as I have seen you become such a wonderful, loving mommy. What a blessing to see you love this wonderful joy who can be challenging but who lights up the room with her smile, just like her mommy. While it does seem like yesterday that Zoe was born, in a blink of the eye she will be grown. Thank you for letting us be such a big part of her life. I love all three of you very much and can't wait to see what the next addition will bring to this world.