Saturday, October 29, 2011

Delayed....MI trip part 2

Finally posted...part II of our trip up North!
So after Thanksgiving comes Christmas....full of a Decorated tree, stockings and presents! My mother-in-law had everything looking so nice (despite it only being October), set up just for us! It made things very special and fun!
I think she liked her Grandma bag!

Zoe got decked out with some new clothes....and loved opening the presents!

Donald had a good time, too!

We, also, got to visit Beach's family.
It was a rare time indeed to have so many cousins together, as they are now in different parts of the country and world!

Beach's own grandmother's house was a fun place for Zoe (and us all)....she had many toys and even some from when Beach was a child!

Zoe enjoyed sitting near me to watch me get her breakfast ready (hence the knife), complete with her new PJs from Grandma.

One morning after breakfast I was working out in the other room. Dad was on Zoe duty and I heard her screaming/crying briefly. Only to later to hear lots of daddy laughter and see this picture.
That's right...after Beach got his flobee haircut from his own dad they decided it would be funny to pretend to give Zoe one, too. She knew, however, that this was a bad idea and nothing should come close to compromising what little hair she had worked her year and a half to grow.

On the last day, with the best weather yet (yes there was even some sun), we headed downtown with Beach's brother, Donald, to check out a pottery shop they love and go to a park. Little did we know that we would be stuck in traffic for hours. Which of course means me singing (which sounded awesome with my horse voice, btw) to Zoe to try to keep her from screaming for quite some time. We finally escaped the traffic by going the wrong way up an exit ramp....yes I was praying much. (We weren't the only ones and the news camera was there to check it out!).

While we did miss much of the warmth and pleasantness of the day we were able to pop by the park before the sun went down. With a huge playground, Zoe was much appreciative!

To end the night, the grands watched Zoe while we went out to eat with Donald at one of his favorite places.
It was a nice time as he was headed off to Asia soon and we are not sure the next time we will get to see each other.

All and all an eventful, exciting trip!

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