Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Food Swap Baby!

I love this new (to me) idea.
Many ladies (and a couple men) getting together to swap out homemade items at the Midlands Food Swap.
Through this journey of learning more about REAL food, I'm also learning more about how hard it can be to make such fresh ingredients from scratch.  That's why this is ingenious, as I can trade in so many other's hard work for such. 
It is set up auction style, where you can write down what your interested in.  (Along with eating some great treats.)  Then when all is done you scramble to trade your goodies.  Yes, my mind was swimming the first time and I was glad I just had one item to think about.    
I made some awesome natural DoTerra lavender bath salts. We were able to bring non-food items the first time, which was a big relief for this non-cooker.  Much less intimidating for me, as I got to see what others brought and got some ideas for the future.  
So, of course, the next time we incorporated some Loveland Coffee!  Combined it into making some Double Shoot Chocolate Espresso Cookies and made some coffee concentrate.  Beach got to come as well and share his expertise on the subject and enlighten others to such joys.  Had many, many compliments, makes a girl feel good.  Oh, did I mention that we have started to sell the concentrate in larger quantities....working on the fancy packaging now.  It is amazing!  I have some everyday!
So I think Beach started something with his fancy table decorations, so last time they had a table decorating contest.  This amazing women (Amiee) won.  I mean she is just loaded with cuteness and is always busy in the kitchen cooking up greatness.  A Martha Stewart in her own right (and I love to trade her fresh eggs from her chickens).
Some of the spoils that we came home with a couple of different times. Homemade peanut butter, duck eggs, mixes, fresh veggies, croissants, jams, shower scrubs, strawberry plants, natural cleaner, pumpkin bread, pumpkin creamer.... amongst many other things!
Nothing beats the goodies for days to come when you can have homemade banana pancakes, with banana/vanilla syrup, fresh eggs and monkey butter!
This stromboli was awesome!  A repeater for sure!
Ok, so who is in next time?  We meet monthly for the fun and would love to try what you come up with!

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