Monday, October 1, 2012

September Shenanigans

Here are some of the randoms from the month (at least those that I remember to capture on film). 
Let the eating that the wee one is six months trying to be more diligent about feeding her....didn't got over so well at first.

Yahhhh for birthdays and awesome husbands.  This was Beach's amazing gift he made for me.  He went to the historical home we had our wedding reception at, captured these cool pictures and framed them.  He really is so inspirational and creative!  I am trying not to remember how when Zoe saw it hanging the next day, touched it and if fell down broken. (Still hoping it is fixable.)
My thoughtful mother surprised me at work with lunch, a cup cake, balloon and this sweet face for my birthday.  What a joy!  Then, when I got home, these huge babies arrived for me from my in-laws....yummy!
Weather is getting a bit cooler, so we tried out the double stroller that one of my co-workers blessed us with.  Confession: Shiloh is often not dressed at home.  It's pretty warm in our house and babies seem to drool, spit up and blow out way more than it's worth for the effort of contestant we just left the house as we were....and hoped the neighbors didn't judge us to much.  (Zoe, on the other hand, insists on always having clothes on - I do, too, for the record.)
Yep, that is my kid with the monster to her cuz (yep the one who is a month older).
Beach had fun with Istagram on this one...
At the food swap this month, Beach sent me a picture telling me the girls were ready for me to come home...I can't get over how big they look!  Zoe is often giving her sister choke holds big hugs.
Shiloh greatly enjoyed my birthday balloon.  She would play with it for quite some time for days!  Best.Gift.Ever!
Took the girls to their first parade.  Who doesn't like to spot a giant blown up okra!  The girls had many fond greeters and momma quickly hid all the candy that was given out.
Shiloh was a big fan of the parade and can't wait until next year! Obviously!
Mom and I took the girls and cusin to the zoo one day while aunt Danielle had to work and our sitter was out of town.  Midday meant sleepy littles...
They were thrilled to be there.
Zo had to wear a hat since Grammy had one.
Zoe now hates pictures (insert fustrated sad mom face here).  I like to call this one Toddler with Tude. 
Stocked up again at Tot Trade!  How I love the deals (60% off days - there before it opens) but dislike the long lines and how it seems to suck energy out of you.
Fussy days call for extra baby wearing to keep mom and all sane.
One day Zoe was being supportive of tummy time and lined all her babies and animals to participate as well.  I greatly enjoy how the girls are beginning to interact a lot more!
Zoe insists on picking out her own clothes.  Some of her current favs:
Poppy sure is fun... 
and knows how to make a girl smile!
This lady greatly adores her granddaughters!
I have a love/hate relationship with bed time.  It seems to drag on forever to get everything done.  And Shiloh often doesn't fall asleep until 11:20....not so fun for work nights.  However, all the snuggling and love make up for it!
And yes, Shiloh STILL has to be swaddled to get to sleep.
AND Shi can't seem to go to sleep without me around.  This is the position she ended up in one night.  My little mermaid.
I love these eye lashes!
One of my favorite new Zoe phrases: "Remember Dat?"  She will come up with things that happened days and even months ago, asking if I remember it.  This kid is sharp and has an amazing memory!  This includes when we went to the hospital for Shiloh's birth....yes dear, I remember dat.  

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  1. Awesome job Jessica! What a blessing that we get to live so close and do life together. Love you all!