Sunday, October 28, 2012

GG trip to G-ville

Went to a quick shot to Greenville where I got to hear the CEO of DoTERRA speak....makes me love the company even more!  Such integrity and awesome products. 
We stayed with Beach's grandma and she kept some awesome toys around from when Beach was a boy.
I love that Zoe gets to spend some time with her great grandmother, what a treasure.  Just wished she lived closer!
Side note...had to drop my mom off at the airport the following morning and was desperate to get a coffee (grandma only drinks decaf)...also discovered that I'm allergic to the dust in her house = me pretty miserable but not wanting to say anything to hurt her feelings.  Also, she has the best food and usually stocks up from the Fresh Market before we get there!
We went shopping downtown where Zoe showed off all her dance moves in this store. 
Seriously....this kid broke it down for over 15 minutes and loved watching herself do so. 
I love how Beach loves his grandma.  Always hugging her and holding her hand when they walk...he is truly a special guy. 
Grandma got we took this picture while we rested on a bench. 
Beach was excited about it!
Downtown Greenville has some fun sites!
This is what it usually looks like to try to get Zoe to take a posed picture now.  She is usually off dancing doing her own thing (or mooning the camera). 
But yet if bribing is involved....we can usually get a goofy grin out of her. 
Sweet time, with a sweet lady!

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