Thursday, December 26, 2013

Making it meaningful with Advent

My heart is to have a Christmas that really means something.  Something beyond me, our family and gifts.  To install in my children a proper perspective from the beginning.  
At this point, the girls know nothing of Santa or even associate Christmas with getting presents.  We will still give them a few small things, but this year we started something new.
I took this advent ring and joined it with a children's daily advent story/activity book that my mother gave me.  I've haven't been the best at making many crafts with the girls, as I would have liked.  So this gave me a challenge to do something meaningful with Zoe everyday. 
We both enjoyed it and she was excited to see what each new day held.  
I love that she is at an age where she can really grasp things and it made CHRISTmas that much more meaningful.
Shiloh even got to get in on some of the action.
We hung them up this year but I got a little tree for the girls to have in their room next year where they can display all their treasure!
It was a lot of work, preparing all of the crafts each day.  But it is something that I want to continue to do with them in the years to come!  It was so precious watching Zoe reenact the Christmas story with the crafts that she had made!

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