Sunday, March 22, 2015

My baby hit the 1 year mark!

We had a great time celebrating Ezra's birthday at the Frozen Bash with his sisters.
Then the following day was his actual birthday and was pretty low key.  He had a couple of presents that he liked opening (and loved the paper). We had a special breakfast and Ezra was even able to have his first pancake (super yummy good for you recipe) that he enjoyed! 
And so did we all (#crazyhairdon'tcare)!
I slowly read over his birth story, remembering God's faithfulness in having a home birth.  The girls wanted me to read it out loud and they enjoyed hearing all the details as well.

My little boy really is a typical "boy" and loves his boy things.  Trucks and balls are his favorite.  He will often throw a ball, chase after it and throw it again.  He loves driving his trucks all around for quite sometime, studying them to see how they work.  He doesn't mind getting dirty and I have to watch him in getting into the plants and eating the dirt!

Ezra is so busy that he often wants to get down and play.  It makes me realize how much so when he is not feeling well and wants to be held and then when he is better, back to his old self.
Ezra's first well baby check-up was a handful.  We had to wait an hour and he seemed fascinated by the door that would atomically open.  And when I say fascinated I mean fuss in my arms until he could get down and crawl to the door as fast as he could, me pick him up again, walk away and repeat.  All the while being watched by all the sick patients.  Sigh!  I was excited to finally get out of there.  Ezra was so tired at the end that he fell asleep when the doctor was talking to us.  She believes he is short and small for his age around the 25%.  How did that happen??  I'm not totally convinced, as he was quite squirmy for the measuring nurse.  
My boy loves the men in his life, daddy and poppy.  He gets so excited to see them that he will leave me to go to them.  This is a new experience for me, as the girls never wanted to leave their momma! I'm so thankful for his bond with them! 
Ezra really enjoys his sisters and they are playing together a lot more.  When they laugh a lot, it gets him laughing, too, such a joy to see the fun for them all.

They will crawl and roll around with him...which he loves!
I'm just so very thankful for this special boy that the Lord has given us.  He makes me want to do this whole year all over again, including his birth!  You are so very loved Ezra Hughes Loveland.  May you continue to grow with such joy and love in our hearts.
I'm so glad to have these month by month pictures of this growing boy (something I was never able to keep up with the girls)!
He is so handsome I just can't stand it!
P.S. A little outtake shot....someone was not too happy when sister wanted to take his place in the basket!

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