Sunday, March 1, 2015

We made it to 3...Yipee!

This two-year old phase can be pretty tough!  I must say that I'm not sad to see it go and look forward  to the (somewhat) ease that 3 can bring!
Shiloh was still not old enough to go to the "Daddy daughter dance" (which was hard for her) and her birthday was the following day, so I thought it would be a great time to take her on a date, just the two of us.
She didn't understand how this could be, as it never happens.
However, the thought of ice cream was really exciting to her!
Her wild and crazy self was apparently left at home, I believe because it was such a new environment, she just really watched and took it all in!  Much like she used to do when she was younger, we had a very quiet dinner.  The only thing she really talked about was asking why others were talking!
I had a coupon for a free ice-cream and then realized it was in the mall.  So we bared the crowds.
She enjoyed it and quickly ate it, while sharing with me every other bite.
We briefly went in the play area, as we were right there.  Very briefly as it was somewhat mayhem filled with children, some of which were very large and not supervised.
I made the mistake of allowing her to bring her Anna doll with her, which meant we were pretty much a magnet for other children!
The morning of her birthday, after a yummy breakfast and church we headed to the State Museum.  Did you know the first Sunday of the month you they have 1$ admission?  I thought this would be a great way to try it and see what the girls thought, even if we were not there long, it should be an interesting experience.
There were many fun things to explore and see, even for little ones.

Some things were more popular than others.  Also, did you know that even if you make your face look super extra happy it still may not get a smile from the one that it is intended for? ;-)

It was a fun, crazy outing!
Then after naps we had some brief present opening.
She was thrilled to get her own plate.  Big sister has had a plate for years and it has always been a sought over item!
Sunday dinner at Grammy's house is always yummy.
This time finished off with grainless strawberry cupcakes....yum!
She greatly enjoyed being the one to be sung too.
Then a couple more presents from Grammy and Poppy!
To the girl that keeps me on my toes and helps me workout my sanctification even more; to my intense lover and hugger; to my awesome sharer; to my Anna princess (when taught the lines to act out from big sis); to my strong-willed determined creative spirit; to the one that always wants to get into the kitchen and help momma (or daddy) cook; to the "I can do it" take action type; to the one that loves routine and extra momma time when Zoe is in school; to the only that still makes random loud noises, enjoys throwing things, and pushing boundaries; to the one that calls her belly button "baby Moses" (still have not figured that one out); to the one and only Shiloh...welcome to 3!  We sure do love you!

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  1. Hm just wrote a comment but it disappeared. I loved this description of Shiloh! I also love watching you as a mom and how God gives you such joy, love perseverance and patience through it- you are an amazing mom!!!!