Saturday, August 8, 2015

Donut you know to check the weather (and then listen to it)?

The beach has to be one of my favorite places to visit.  Seeing God's amazing creation reminds me of his power and authority!  The girls have been asking for weeks to go but with Loveland Coffee it just makes it so hard to get away.  So we thought we would squeeze a day trip in.
On the way down I saw a groupon to a speciality donut shop that was right on the way.  Since we get donuts like never, this was indeed a special treat.  We picked some up and luckily I had an adorable assistant to help carry them, as the parent's arms were loaded down with all that is imaginable.
It took a bit to get settled in and have our picnic lunch, all the while the two youngest decided to attempt to roam anywhere possible, having to be herded back repeatedly.
However, after some play we dug into the goodness!
Ezra was fascinated by the water, and he could care less that he was knocked down by the salty waves (over and over).  He wanted to go back at it!  Beach and I took turns being on Ez duty (hence the lack of pictures of him I was actually able to take).  We were able to distract him briefly from the waves through some hole digging!

Zoe and Daddy took turns being buried.  Then I noticed the huge storm clouds down the beach.  Yes, there had been a chance of scared thunderstorms in the forecast but I was just wishing and hoping that it wouldn't come to be!  This was not the case, though, and we scrambled to get into the car, where we undressed the very dirty salty children while dodging the storm (not my desired way to end our time!).
So the drive home was a bit of a tearful one followed by naps for all (except Beach).  I would have loved to have spent the day there, soaking up as much as possible.  However, the fact that we spent three times as much time in the car as opposed to being there lead a lot to be desired.  I'm really trying to be more go with the flow but when the flow gets stopped up....I'm not really going.  So until next time, prob next summer, on a well planned out day/week...Sand I will see you then and will just be hanging with my Beach in the meantime!  Now to go clean up my car!

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