Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I have a problem...I'm working on only love today

I need reminders, physical Ebenezer's, to help me remember.  You see I get angry, really angry, especially when I'm not listened too and respected (the way I think I should be) by my littles.  Instead of handling these situations with mercy, most of the time I become someone that I did not know was in there.  AND I DON'T LIKE HER!  I want to get her out as fast as I can but somehow she often just pops back up out of the middle of no where even when I'm trying my hardest to get rid of her!

Recently in a sermon our pastor spoke about a surprise sin that came up for him involving a need for others to know "his importance".  He explained how that showed him a piece of the darkness in his heart that was hidden to even him. Through wrestling with this he came to understand that the fact that he could even be able to see this sinfulness was an act of grace, for it revealed an area that needed confession and God's pruning.

 In this phase of my life it is really a challenge to me how I treat my littles, how to act out of love and not frustration, anger and annoyance.  This is easier said then done.  I've gotten this bracelet from the amazing blog Hands Free Momma and I try to wear it a visible reminder in how I need to respond.
However, the Lord is revealing to me more and more that it is only by His Love for me and dwelling on such/spending time with Him, that will really change my heart, creating a pure heart and ability to respond out of love.  So my challenge today and everyday (and yours too) is to be empowered by His love so that I can love others (especially during the hardest of times!).  Praying that this will impact the ones that I love so deeply in such a powerful way that they can look to Him for their own ultimate source of LOVE!

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