Saturday, August 1, 2015

Worry about yourself!

It's a phrase I repeat a lot in our household, "Worry about yourself."  We have a child who is always doing the comparison game, wanting to know how she stacks up to others, what she is missing, the best options, etc., in anything imaginable.  All the questioning can wear a momma down.  While there are some benefits in having good information, I can quickly see how this line of thing leads down a road of torment and heartache, for it is often a road that I travel and fight to get off of. 
There seems to be always be someone that I know that has it better.  Why can't I be more outgoing like....?  Why can't my hubby have paid vacation days or any vacation days for that matter?  Why can't I have more of a patient spirit like my mother (she never once yelled at us)?  Why does my stomach have to be forever flabby after being so stretched out with the third pregnancy (I'm sure we all know the mama's that seem to just bounce back)?  Why can't I have dear friends that don't move away?  Why can't I have a spirit and ability to homeschool my children like so many fabulous moms that I know?  Why can't I grown my business like....?  Why can't I be more bold in my faith like...?  While the questions are not as frequent as they once were in my life, they can really tear me down!
The other end of things is the fact that I KNOW that God has knit me together in just the way He wanted me...that he has blessed me with some challenges in order to depend on Him (and not my own strength and abilities...hence even more struggle with pride)...that He is sovereign over all our circumstances and I can trust Him in the process of sanctifying all of the ugly out of me.  I have to remind myself of these things often, and it is often when I'm uttering, "Worry about yourself!"


  1. I can totally relate to all of this, Jessica! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You are not alone in this struggle! Remember too that others often can put your name in that blank too! Why can't I be more like Jessica? You are blessed with so many talents, desirable personality traits, blessings, and love ! Don't forget in the struggle with the grass being greener elsewhere that you are amazing and are sincerely loved !!!!! Love you and miss you! -darc

    1. Thanks for that! I honestly I had never thought that I would be in someone else's blank. I love you and miss you! (I've always wanted to have your confidence as well!)