Monday, August 31, 2015

Farewell Summer (Aug '15)

Saying our last farewells of the season and looking forward to a new rhythm.  We found many fun and new things to do.
How great is this?  Home Depot has free workshops for littles once a month!  Daddy had a morning date with the girls that they all loved!
Learning new skills is awesome, a great training ground to being independent ladies!
Such focus!
And silly faces!
With awesome painted chalkboards to show for it!
At the end of the summer library party where apparently Zoe loves anyone dressed up in costume, regardless if she knows who they are or not?
Mommy and Daddy did not know to wear a thankful for Jen to support my girl as she enjoyed this water slide!  What a party.....Happy 4th birthday Max!

My little Ez becomes more of a snuggle bug at night!  He loves his momma!
So even though Loveland Coffee only got honorable mention in four categories...we were still thankful to get a couple of hours out to celebrate together.
We may be a bit old for such parting but did enjoy the photo opts and people watching.  Out of this world!
We had souvenirs from the night!
And a special Astronaut ice cream for the littles the next day!


We enjoyed a last summer break play date!
Rene captured these pictures of sweet friends!
Saturdays are for pancakes.  The best are bigger than your head!
I think this guy has being a big kid down pat!
So we didn't get much done on our 1st Summer Bucket list...but we did make this one.  Zoe had gone to Saluda splash pad with her school and enjoyed it!  We thought that the others would too!
They, also, loved the playground that was right next to it....probably even more and took turns playing there as well!

 So thankful that Ez gets to have Poppy time on occasion....and that I don't have to take him to the dentist with the girls......that is enough of a challenge!!!
How great are co-ops!  Danielle and I have continued to find time on occasion for them and it is awesome!  While the cousins get to spend a bit more time together, the mommas get some time of their own!
This morning I was beyond blessed to take some slow thoughtful (cooler) moments with the savior.  So sweet, refreshing and needed!
Apparently when it was my turn to watch them...I was a bit lacking in the photo department.  Little Ezra doesn't stand a chance with all these girls!
Another hot Saturday and while the boys looked at the fancy cars, I watched the my girls and a friend on the playground.
Busy fun led to needing to rest to rehydrate!
Ezra is just getting so big....loves to join in with what the others are doing!
I think Savannah was a fan!
 When Ezra met Hayley he just couldn't stand it!  He wanted to constantly hug and kiss her that I had to continually pry him off, just so that her little self would be okay.  He is a lover that is for sure!
Another swap night with my Zoe and she was excited to swap some flowers....although we are sad this swap host is moving!
A smaller swap, do to back to school activities...

Not bad for waiting till the last minute, though: beautiful flowers, two Rosemary butters, coffee jam, handmade ring, boiled peanuts, loaf of bread, flavored great smelling dough, pesto, pizza sauce, peach applesauce, black beans soup and peanut butter power bars!

Back to school drama...more on that post here.  The second day Zoe insisted on pigtails, because she looks so cute and her teacher had yet to see them on her!

This adjustment to new sleeping times due to school schedule sure is an adjustment.  Also a challenge, figuring out ways to squeeze a workout in! Since the golf course was closed we took a wild interval run on the sidewalk, which Shiloh loved and Ezra was screaming towards end.  Shiloh was kind enough to let me know that I was dripping all over him when I went to get him out! 

Such a fun birthday at Little Gym!
Zoe lets me know how strong she is...yes my dear, you sure are!
Shiloh was not a fan of the picture taking that this blur was the best I could get!
Rene captured this lovely gaze!
Happy 5th birthday is to many amazing more!  A great end to the month!

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