Thursday, September 3, 2015

Little artist double date!

When serious behavior challenges arise and the affects of being a middle child are in full swing, it is a reminder to me that there needs to be some positive interactions!  Especially when sister is in school, I have been attempting some extra time with my Shiloh - wanting to strengthen our bond and fill her emotional bucket.  This month I got to go on a double girl date with her and my sister and her 3-year-old.  
They have an awesome preschool program once a month at the art museum downtown.
 After story time and checking out some pieces,  the littles got to create some work of their own! 
 Tea pots was the theme and using stencils created a neat effect!
 Such focus for my artest! 
 Then smiles before a short snack time outside!
 The biggest most genuine smile I got of Shiloh was upon climbing on a statue. 
I'm not totally sure if this was allowed and even more hesitant after Shiloh got paint on the girl's hair.
However, the hilarious part came with the program's director came by and saw them....I was afraid we were about to get busted but she just thought it was funny and attempted to take a picture herself!
 Big Exhale!  There were no loud inappropriate noises or running around...No rebellion or refusal to put on shoes that were snuck off.   I couldn't be more relieved that the girls enjoyed it and behaved! I guess we will be back!  Successful and loved trip by all! 

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