Saturday, May 28, 2016

Anniversary - Swamp Style

So life is a bit crazy right now (you know that kind of crazy that is just not appropriate to share on this platform).  However I wanted to do SOMETHING to celebrate the 11th anniversary with my man.  We had a blast last year on our getaway trip, and as much as I wanted to do something like that again, I settled for a trip across town. 
The Congaree Swamp has free canoe tours on the river.  The have to sign up weeks in advance (or at least I did) in hopes that the day would work out for us to go.  Thankfully it did!  It was a larger group, so Beach luckily volunteered us to ride in the kayaks, since there were not enough canoes to go around.
We slipped in a little mud but made it into the river, which was pretty low.  Thankfully the area is so shaded that it was, surprisingly, not hot and there were not any mosquitoes either!  Score!
The area was so beautiful and this was such a fabulous way to check it out, feeling like we were truly in nature. 
Our guide was very knowledgeable about the area.  You could tell that he really enjoyed his job... who wouldn't!
The one downside was that the water was so low that we couldn't explore as much as we would have liked.  It took a little more skill in getting through the lower areas, at least for those in the canoes. 
I'm so glad we got a chance for this fun adventure and am so excited for the next one!
This whole marriage thing is no joke!  Throw in a few kids and your own business and it is beyond what I can handle.  Thankful that we have the Lord to depend on together.  Our marriage is worth fighting for, Beach is worth fighting for, and I'm just depending on the Lord to help me to fight well! Thank you Beach for sticking by my messed up side, may our love continue to deepen as we continue on this journey together!

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