Monday, May 9, 2016

A Mother's Day of doodling and songs

It has been such a blessing these past few years to get to spend some special girl time with my sisters honoring our momma!  We did something different last year but we returned to our 2014 days!
Danielle, again, hosted our special brunch and made an amazing crepe cake.
We tried our hand at making scripture doodles this year.  Danielle has been creating such amazing work for the past few months and it was fun to get some time to try it too.
I'm not sure if we had time to finish our work completely but such good reminders of what to keep our focus on.
We did a cheesy bend the knee pose, as a's response, "I see why people pose that way!"  I had to include it for grins!
Such a blessed time to be able to slow down and connect and celebrate this over the top amazing momma!
So on mother's day I didn't actually take any pictures!
I just enjoyed time with my family and getting to work on a project....refinishing a rocking chair for our front porch!  A friend was getting rid of it so I repurposed it.  Previously it had been in a NICU at a hospital and I kept thinking how many babies were rocked in it, as I said prayers for them.
The girls were fans of the new chair!
Then the day after mother's day Zoe's kindergarten had a show and breakfast for mommas!  It was to precious!  She was very animated singing the songs she has been practicing for weeks...they were awesome (and many of the songs I also grew up with).  Side Note - I have no idea why the boy in front of her was flashing the crowd in the picture, as I didn't actually notice at all during the show!  I must have just caught that shinning moment.
Such a sweet time to sit around with her friends and their mommas while we had some breakfast!  Man those teachers are so amazing in all that they do!  Later in school Zoe completed this assignment.  Translation: "My favorite part was the breakfast because it was special and because I like the sausage." Too funny!
I could not be any more thankful for the blessings of this morning!

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