Monday, May 9, 2016

When God shows off

My Lord is teaching me so much lately and I'm loving it!
One area is in how He is working, how we are often pieces of a puzzle that cannot see the whole masterpiece that the Lord is creating.
He's ALWAYS working on our behalf.....and all we need to do is rest.  So much freedom in that, to just rest!
He sent a little gift recently in the form of a women buying coffee at the kiosk and giving so much more in return.  When she pulled up to Loveland Coffee, she asked Beach if he was the owner and how she had seen that our family had been sick recently.    Now I say recently very lightly because it had actually been about two years ago that we had to close the business for a few days due to our whole family being sick (it was truly awful)!  The women had heard about it, for at the time, a customer of ours had posted on Facebook encouraging others to support us in coming to get coffee due to our shortcoming (he doing that in and of itself was so awesome and warms my heart).  

So since that time, this women had been driving around with $100 in her car to give to the owner of Loveland Coffee for his family to do something fun together!  Little did she know that we had cut pretty much all extras out of our budget (yet again) in order to help with the expanding next steps of the business.  So her sacrifice was HUGE to our family, as we could  never spend that kind of money on ourselves. It blows my mind that God allows me to see piece of what He is doing behind the scenes, a precious gift in itself!
We can try to take credit for His work so often, thinking that it is something we have done or because of our ability.  However, it was such a blessing that this woman's gift was nothing about Beach's personality (as if she was a good friend helping us out) or how hard he works or anything earthly that can be measured....but TRULY just God using the women to remind us that He loves us so deeply, and He is the one that will take care of us.  He does this in so many ways, in the flowers blooming, in a hug of a friend, in the sound of a child's giggle, in the smell of coffee percolating, and I want to slow down and see them so clearly.  Show me Lord, show me more of you and your works, open my eyes and help me point others to you, too!

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