Sunday, May 11, 2014

A mother's day of beauty and bad attitude

My mom is my BFF, besides my Beach BFF and my kids BFF, of course!  My sisters and I want her to know how special she is and this year Danielle had a great idea of having a brunch and craft afternoon together on Saturday. 
 Danielle did a great job hosting and making some amazing food.  She has such a gift for this (one that is not a strong point for me)!
We decided to give her a thank you jar.  An idea that Ann Voskamp suggested (and I loved).   Each of her girls wrote on individual sheets of paper some of the many things that we were thankful about our mommy!  Then she could read them in our own timing, each one like a hug when she might need it most.
Having such an artist in the family, we knew that Lauren could come up with making a jar herself. 
  We each created charms to go with it and I can't wait to see how it will turn out! 
 Adalyn was around from time to time, excited for us to see her.  Man can this cutie keep herself occupied!   
My girls would not have done the same....lucky my dad was willing to watch them (as their dad had the flu).
We, also, created some fun/funky earrings. 
 I asked Lauren to make me a pair, as well, as she has skills!
Ezra did well in Lydia's bouncy seat.  Aaron was also a huge help in getting him to sleep and taking great shots of him.
I sure do love this group and treasured our slow paced creative celebratory time together. 
 But most of all the love for this amazing lady!
Beach was still recovering from the flu on Mother's we were not able to go to church.  This bummed me out, as Ezra was supposed to be dedicated (both his sisters were dedicated as babies on mother's day) and we couldn't really do much as a family either.  I had a bit of a "I feel sorry for myself attitude" instead of really enjoying all that I was blessed with.
 I did escape for some time to myself outside (this usually improves my mood)...until the girls found me that is.  I really don't like when I get in such a funk and not sure how to "fix" it.  I try not to compare to other people's "mother's day" but sometimes it is just so hard.  Hard with Beach being sick for days, not having help with the kids and missing my man.  Hard just needing some time to renew and yet if feels that it just can't happen.  But I suppose some days are just like that (and some seasons, too), and I try to focus on the days that are a lot more cheerful.
We set up our kiddie Zoe keeps talking about swimming and it's getting warmer!  I know real fancy right!  But she loved it.  She gets so excited and thankful for even the smallest things.
Then the next day, Beach surprised me with a steak dinner and flowers, and lots of love.  Thankful that he does appreciate all I do as a momma!  And thankful to be out of my funk!

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  1. You make me appreciate how good it is that God made us so different….he made you and your sweet precious family for a unique and special purpose! I love you sister! Thanks for your transparency in all of this!