Saturday, May 3, 2014

6 weeks to fast!

My dear boy....time has gone by so fast that I did not even get to write a one month review of all our time together.... 6 weeks (or so) it is.

My little man, as I like to call you, for even at such a small size you look so manly.  You LOVE your swing and to be swaddled...which pretty much is my sanity.
If you're not sleeping with me, you seem to happily accept being swayed by one of the greatest inventions ever.  I have not made any extra efforts to keep things quiet around the house, so yes, many girl screams and giggles, but this does not seem to bother you at all.  You sleep so much still, which allows me to balance things more with the girls.
Even from your first bath, you loved it!  The water calms you, which makes it a lot easier process for us all!

I must say that I am enjoying being able to eat dairy still!  The girls did not allow me such pleasure, but you my dear do not seem to be bothered by it!  At first I was worried that your baby acne was a reaction to something I was eating, as it popped up after a week or so of being born....but no, just another great thing about hormones.  Hopefully they will be gone soon!
Aunt Lauren loved getting to meet you.  You will soon find out that she is awesome!
How I adore that you are beginning to smile at me, although I haven't been able to catch it with my camera.  Mostly when I'm changing your diaper....great eye contact there and just the right distance I suppose.  Plus, I mean who wouldn't be happy about not having to sit in poop anymore.  Oh, I could eat those smiles right up.
So could your dad!  He couldn't be more thrilled to have a boy! He has a lot to show you.
Your amazing forehead wrinkles are still there....but a lot more subtle now.  You still know how to make them look good!
So less and less are the goose noises that you made when you were first born when nursing.  I'm not sure what that was about but I've never heard anything like it. Your own special communication.
You're beginning to turn more to look for me when you hear my that.  Also you are beginning to learn more of your sisters' ways and the difference in their personalities.  They ask to hold you all the time. Although, they seem to both love you greatly, they tend to express it very differently.

Zoe is very nurturing, talking in a soothing voice and attempts to comfort you whenever she hears you cry.  She loves to hold you but it doesn't last to long, as the thought of being spit up on always pops in her mind.  You got her good when you were a couple weeks old....while holding you in her bed at bedtime, you managed to get all the sheets and pillow.  This was a big deal to the girl who does not like even like any water spilt on her dress.
But she loves to snuggle up next to you and talk about how she wishes she could keep you forever!
Shiloh loves you very intensity, often repeating your name while talking loudly in your face.  She greatly enjoys holding and petting you and doesn't seem to mind your crying.
She gets lots of warnings in this area and told, "Soft touches!"
You still continue to be very strong.  You first rolled over at 10 days and continue to do so the few times I've given you "tummy time".
You, also, love to move your legs and use them to push yourself off your mat...getting ready to move after those sisters of yours.  You hold your head up like a champ, you seemed to come out that way and many people comment on that.  Wide eyed and alert, your head is so cute poking up and always looking around!  You like to stand up and bear your weight, just like Zoe did at your may be a fast walker like she was.
My growing little man, I'm cherishing our time together and (mostly) dreading having to go back to work soon and not getting all our snuggles in!  So thankful for the times we had and I would do it all again in a heartbeat (even including your birth!).  You are greatly loved Ezra!

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