Thursday, May 22, 2014

Blink and then it's been 2 months! seems to go so fast yet somehow last forever.  I love snuggling little Ezra and feel so bonded to him.  I think it helps that he doesn't cry much and still really loves his swing (which allows me to do the other things I need to with the girls).  He is eating well and growing!
Pretty much everyday Zoe tells me that she loves Ezra and that she wants to keep him forever.  Then she reminds me that she can't because she has to move away.  Insert mommy teary eyes.  Zoe then explains that she has to remind me everyday.  Perhaps this is how long it will take me to prepare for her to leave the nest.  So thankful that she loves her little brother so much though!
Beach discovered a new app on his phone to make this pic... Ezra wasn't as scared as he looks.
Beach, also, likes to do fun things, like put Ezra next to do a baby doll....can you tell which is which?
 I love how Ezra's eyes are always so wide when he is awake....still has some of his forehead character, too!
Ezra has enjoyed the few times that he has been in a carrier, including on a walk in the neighborhood.
This is Ezra's favorite way to do tummy time, on his momma or daddy!  Shiloh is always trying to get in on the love, too.
Since all he does is roll's one way to make sure he stays on his belly.
The girls enjoy participating, as well, and cheering him on!

I have a few friends that had boys around the same time Ezra was born.  How fun is that!  We had a visit recently from River.
I love how this picture looks like Ezra is trying to tell River something...."Hey better get used to this picture taking thing when you come to visit!"
Obviously they enjoyed the play date.
I just melt when Ezra has his little arm around me and holds on.  Looks like Grammy is a fan, too!
I love how he is starting to smile more.  Changing his diaper is the best.  He has this huge wide open smile that he just seems to want to take everything in with, and he certainly captures my heart.  Zoe and Grammy are able to make him smile a lot as well.  I haven't gotten a good picture of it yet, as when he is doing it, I just don't want to take my eyes off him.  You are one loved 2 month old little Ez!

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