Saturday, May 17, 2014

Swap time ~ Loveland Coffee style

So, I was able to plan ahead and participate in the swap this month (with life so busy it had been awhile)!  You can read more about what the swap is like here. Bottom line = it's awesome.  I decided to go with a coffee theme, since we love it so much in our house and it can add so much flavor when cooking.  Of course I only use the best, Loveland Coffee!
To start I whipped up some peanut butter with coffee and white chocolate...yes, that's right...and it was awesome.  Although I may add more chocolate next time!
I LOVE chocolate covered espresso I decided to learn to make some myself!
Also, I'm a huge granola had to try this out!
And had an awesome helper to do it!
Let me just say that it did not disappoint!
I brought some coffee concentrate, too, as it is always a crowd pleaser.
Some examples of other cute yummy tables around me.
 Including my sisters!
 It was a smaller swap, but I still came home with a lot of awesome goodies: hummus, kale pesto, power pesto, copy Bisquick mix, two different types of granola, brownie mix, strawberry butter, palmetto cheese, Thai chicken soup, pancake mix, Garbanzo soup and strawberry vanilla sauce. Also, because it was a smaller swap I got to keep some of my granola....can't complain about that!
 Love for you to join us next can start off really simple with just one item even if you won't be sorry!

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