Thursday, May 22, 2014

Becoming crunchy - Part I: Getting that Spine in line!

My view on health has changed tremendously over the past few years.  I must confess my idea of "healthy" is quite different.  I found it odd when a coworker told me a couple of years ago or so that she thought of me as a hippie.  It was strange, as it was not how I viewed myself, I mean I didn't have flowery clothes and bathed regularly.  I was pregnant at the time and then I told her the name that we had chosen for that daughter meant PEACE....hummmm....maybe there is a bit hippie in me yet.

I do recognize that the way we live and are working towards is not mainstream (yet! - although I think many of the things people will begin to recognize are so beneficial and needed in the years to come).  Sooooo, I thought I share a few of those things in a blog series.  It can be really hard to practice some of the things we do, as they are so different and some people just don't get it.  I must say that I have learned a lot from others and maybe I can help someone on their path as well.

The first major game changer came in the form of a chiropractic office that is so much more than that.  At Maximized Living we began to get adjusted regularly (as in 3 times a week, as our spines were really messed up) but, also, learned more about the 5 essentials: changing the way that we think, toxins, working out in a completely different  and effective manner (and so much shorter time), spine care and true nutrition (way different than the "food pyramid").

We do these spine care exercises at home and in the office that may look crazy to the outsider.  At least they did for me but have become just routine in our lives.
Shiloh enjoys getting in on the action as well, doing her wobble disks!

We are so thankful to have found this office and have shared information with many others.  When Beach first saw an X-ray of his spine and it was explained to him, he was in tears.  However, we walked away from that first visit with some shock but more hope to find such information that we had no idea that we were even missing!  Your spine is connected to every one of your organs and if your spine is off, guess what else is...which can lead you down the road to so many things.  So we are working at getting our spines in the right space and keeping them there.  (Beach's X-rays really show all of his improvements.  I haven't been able to get them done again, as I am always nursing or pregnant :-) This includes our whole families, even our littles!  Shiloh and Ezra have gone since birth.  The girls enjoy going and often practice "adjusting" each other at home....something I never played growing up!
They like to practice on daddy, too, and outside....anywhere really.  Too funny!

I'm so thankful for this practice and the knowledge that we have gained.  It has taken sacrifices of our finances and time but it is such a great investment and we know will last for years to come!

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