Thursday, March 23, 2017

Ezra's BIG 3 Birthday Celebration!

I've been not feeling well....and the new meds I was trying were really kicking my Ezra's birthday was pretty low key.  
The day before he loved being able to help make his own dessert!  With as much as I'm in the kitchen (as I make almost everything from scratch),  I rarely have the energy to make anything "special" anymore.
So he was beyond excited to be able to participate in this activity (all by himself as his sister's were at school).
The next day, on his actually birthday, I had a few surprises.  The kids love food art, so I threw together this little number.
Then after we dropped sister off (and mommy went back home to retrieve her forgotten phone), we headed off on a date!
Ezra had never been to HiWire and he was ecstatic!  The little kid morning time was perfect!
He loved to climb to the top and slide busy most of my pictures are blurry.
His favorite were the foam blocks....climbing throughout them....he is still working on getting that last finger down to show that he is three!
Crazy hair don't care as we had a great time!
Then it was off to Chic-fa-la for a little snack.
He was not thrilled that it was to hot...but changed his attitude after playing on the playground and allowing it to cool off!
That night it was his requested meal = shrimp, macaroni and cheese & cucumbers!
And of course for desert the brownies that we made!
Even through the simplicity, it was a crowd pleaser!  (Mommy even had to sneak a bite - despite it not being gluten free).
Then it was time to open presents, a long anticipated event.  Having recently seen his cousin's, aunt's and sister's birthday it was hard for his little mind to understand not having any himself.
Zoe was excited to give him the gift she had gotten him ...
and the card she had made.
Even though it was just us, he had some gifts from friends...
which he was beyond thrilled to get!
Zoe was, also, excited to take pictures with Ezra throughout the evening...
and read him his card.
He was just as thrilled with his bike, as I knew he would be!  So thankful for that little face!
When having dinner at Grammy's and Poppy's house that week, there was more celebration time.
Being the youngest of 5 cousins, and the only boy, he ate up the attention.
The black bean road brownies that aunt Lauren made were a hit!
He then got a few more things to open!
And thankfully some needed clothes!
Happy Big 3 Ez-e!  You are truly treasured and I can't imagine life without ya!

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