Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Finding some hope through WATER

I'll be the first to admit it (and my hubby would be the first to back me up) that I am sensitive.  You know those quizzes that help you determine your personality, yep every time.  So it is no wonder that my emotions are just to much when it come to the great hardships in our world: poverty, injustice, persecution and most of all sexual abuse.  They can overtake me if thinking of them to much, as in assume the fetal position, balling, begging Jesus to return to bring an end to it. It all seems so big, and I'm so small and feel so insignificant in making a difference in the world.  I don't want to be callous to it and yet I do need to function in the role that I'm called.  To be honest, I don't know how to live in this tension, much less model it for my littles and help them as they develop to understand this.
My precious 6-year-old, my mini me, also shares in this sensitive quality.  Her age and position in life has shielded her from most of the world's tragedies.  However, she came home one day from school sharing how she learned that 400 people die a day in Kenya from not having clean water.  She repeated this to me defeatedly SEVERAL times that night, clearly in shock and not knowing how to process it.  
What do you say to a little wondering soul as you sit around a table eating a hot meal and enjoying endless clean water that from a source that is just feet away.  I validated her, noting how hard it was, how blessed we were.  I explained how with the business we partnered with a company that provided clean water, and every time someone bought a mug, that also provided clean water for a year for someone in need.  I talked about how maybe, as a family, we could come up with something to help.  At that point, though, she couldn't hear any of, she was to broken and just keep repeating how they were dying.  And it is true, they were and my heart hurt too!

It was a few days later, when I could tell that she had been processing on her own, attempting to brainstorm ways that she could send clean water for her birthday.  I knew that she was then ready and wanting to do something, but what, what could she do, what could I do.  The Lord brought to mind a friend who's husband works for a non-profit out of Charleston, Water Mission, and after contacting them found that there was an easy way that she could raise money online.  We could even visit the facility in the future and see how they operate, which would be fantastic and help leave even more of an impact on my littles!
What an opportunity!  I'm not sure what the end results will look like, but I'm excited in the difference that this can make to some in need, as well as the impression it will hopefully leave on my Littles' hearts and grow even more to be outward focused and look for chances to be able to step in. If your able to even read this, you have been given much, can you look for ways to serve as well? (If you want to check out Zoe's water page the link is below.  We set an seemingly impossible goal...because that's what our God likes to do!)
When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required. Luke 12:48

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