Wednesday, March 1, 2017

SHILOH 5 Alive

My Dearest Shiloh, 
This year has been so wonderful in seeing you grow!  
My little one, your mind is so creative and I can often see those wheels churning. As you have developed I have seen more of your daddy's characteristics coming out in your ability to envision things and then come up with amazing ways to make them happen.  
You are so friendly and always ready to give a compliment to someone, no matter their age or if you know them, but seeing something positive in others is second nature to you and it just flows out.   "Mom, I'm telling the world 'I love you'".
You love being a little "mommy" and taking charge.  This can be a good thing when your are nurturing to others, including your brother who will let you "read" to him.
You equally adore your big sister BFF and your minds take you on amazing adventures!
You still cannot seem to get enough hugs and snuggles from me, although I do try my best!   Physical touch will always be on the top of your love languages!

You don't nap that often but will occasionally fall asleep snuggling with ya mama!
Or other strange places if your body wears out...
You are an amazing creative artist, and truly have embraced that title in the identity of yourself.  Creating new work pretty much everyday, you can't seem to wait to get things out.  Decorating seems to pour out of you, and our Christmas decorations seem to inspire this even more, as I will often find things tapped around the house.  
You want to share your work, though, and many times bring something to give wherever we are going, as you want to share in your creation.  
You love to cook with me still from time to time, using your own "knife" and doing whatever you can get your hands into.  
Your silly nature still keeps me on my toes, often not knowing what to expect and can bring a lot of giggles (amongst other things).  You busy hands just need to touch everything wherever we find ourselves.
"Look, I'm a robot!"
Your independent spirit leads you to have little fear but is ready to get things done!  

This means, although you enjoy trying new things, like dance, you don't want to stick with it (at least not yet), as I guess the structure is to binding on your creative soul (not to mention that you don't like sweaty feet).
You have a great love of animals, and so enjoy any chance to get to be around them!
I'm happy that you have seemed to do well in your first experiences of school this year (two mornings a week).  
Although in the past crowds seem to be to overstimulating for you, your smaller class has been great in helping you to adjust to a new scenario, one that you were really excited about and fortunately has served you well! (Your class picture proofs....yes we didn't order them.)
You are so beautiful from the inside out and I am so blessed to be able to be your mommy!  I KNOW the Lord has amazing, out of the box, plans for your life and I can't see what will come of it!

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