Thursday, March 2, 2017

Shiloh's BIRTHday celebrations!

We had been counting down this day for sometime!  Shiloh's BIRTHday, complete with cinnamon roll candle for breakfast!
She adored the simple decorations I was able to put up the night before and the attention of being sung too.
I was able to come to her class to bring their snack for the day, homemade power bars that we made together!
Then Poppy came by and surprised them with a Frosty!
Her requested dinner: "Pizza", kale chips, cucumbers and strawberries.
After I read her birth story to her, it was time to open presents!
Zoe read her the cards, 
and was excited about the one that she gave her.
Zoe was beyond trilled for Shiloh to open her gift that she had bought her, a cute little light!  (When asked later that night about her favorite present, this was it!)
We had a couple of other random surprise that were a hit!
With perfect timing, a friend was giving away their hermit crabs and the girls couldn't be more thrilled in getting their own pets!
Grandma and Grandpa's singing frozen card was captivating!
Our big surprise (for all the kids) was a lemonade stand that was hiding at the roaster.  They had been talking about having a stand to sell lemonade (and coffee) for awhile now.
Beach's entrepreneurship spirit wanted to fulfill their dreams and found this adorable stand that would get some more love in this family!
Afterwords there was much discussion on the best way to proceed with the stand and what they needed.
The girls were so adorable in thinking through all the details.
It was a special day indeed celebrating our adorable middle!
 We didn't have an official party (we are taking a trip again for all the kids birthdays) but did have treats and presents during our weekly visit to my parent's house.
Shiloh helped Aunt Lauren and Uncle William make the cupcakes earlier that day!
  I would say Ezra was a fan as well!
  Presents and card reading!
 Clearly dad was having a good time (I wonder where I get my animation from)!

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