Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Prep (Part 1)

I do love this time a year!  Daddy was able to join us (after making coffee for the event) at the park Easter Egg Hunt hosted by St. Andrews Pres.
They have fun activities for the littles in the beginning.
There was an amazing turn out and it seems to get bigger and bigger each year.
Grammy and Poppy were able to come again this time.
Poppy explained the deal to little man.
The actually "egg hunting" (how is it a hunt when they are just on the ground) went quickly.
The kids loved examining the loot (even if they won't get to eat most of it).
Zoe even found a sack race to jump in on.
I  say we all had a good time.
When we got home we had some family egg decorating time.
Ezra was determined to get the eggs out of the dye himself, this was a slippery trickery task that repeatedly took a lot of time, but he did not want help.
Looking at all the eggs, the kiddos got hungry and they dug into several.  Fortunately, we had made a lot (thanks Insta Pot).  The girls now can make them on their own.
It was a fun morning indeed!
The next day, Easter morning, the girls got up early (while we were sleeping), got dressed and Zoe made delved eggs.  One of her favorite things lately is to do things all on her own and have it all ready.  She had never seen anyone make these before (although she had enjoyed eating them on many occasions), and it was neat to see how she was willing to try it out on her own.
After a busy church service (we had over 20 4-year-olds in our class!!!), we snuck in some family pictures.
I left in an example of why I have to take many many pictures to get a good one. 
Mommy has to be silly sometimes too!
Love my gang!
Then we continued with our tradition of making resurrection rolls.
I love this activity, as the kids can really do it themselves, it is not to messy and has great significance! 
Daddy was a fan, too.
Their favorite part, though, was eating them. 
And finding them empty - Christ the Lord has risen!
After some rest time it was off to my parents for even more celebration time....

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