Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter/Seder/Birthday celebrations (Part 2)

We had a great time gearing up to Easter (read blog here) and enjoyed the actually day even more!
Uncle Aaron got some cute pictures!

Then we had our first run of a family Messianic Seder celebration.

Danielle was amazing in getting everything ready and used Ann Voskamp guide.

Each food item has great significance of the celebration of the Passover and fulfilled risen Christ.
We took turns reading...
and sampling the corresponding food item.
The one that got the most attention was the bitter herbs (horseradish sauce) that represented sin.
Zoe was the first to try it and the tears were soon falling from her burning eyes (she must have had a big bite).
Shiloh was consoling and after a quick break and drink...
we were able to continue.  However, none of the other kids wanted to try that item!  Perhaps more warning the next time we do this.  I do think it is such a great representation of sin!
Zoe was a good sport though and joined back in the process (tears still running down her face and all).
So thankful for Jesus and taking in His grace through His cup.  What a great way to celebrate Him and remember our heritage.  Hoping to be able to do this each year and that understanding of it will deepen more each time (for all of us).
We, also, did a little Easter Egg!
The 3-year-olds got a head start!
The Russells were awesome in filling the eggs with non-candy items that were fun to discover!
Ezra was determined and proud to open his eggs by himself!

Lastly, after a great meal, we celebrated Poppy's birthday with Strawberry shortcake...
and presents...
with handmade cards of course!
You are greatly LOVED and celebrated Dad!
Whew, it was a full amazing day!  With good spirits, family and sharing in remembrance of our Savior, a day to be cherished for sure!

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