Sunday, April 30, 2017

Apriling Up

April is always a busy time of year with Zoe's birthday, a Grandparent visit and Easter celebrations (post here and here). It is also a time a year when I'm ready to get outside and play!  Shiloh joined me on the porch for a latte and apple snack.
You can tell we had a recent shop to Costco when Shiloh created her own sample station.  The sign read, "Grown ups and Stuffed Animals Allowed".
The kids fought off a round of fevers and Shiloh snapped a picture of me after taking Ezra's temperature.  Despite the fever it did not cease his joy!
Our annual tradition of Strawberry Picking.
This time we drove across town to a (new to us) field of Cottle Farms.
They use less pesticides, a HUGE plus, especially when you eat them out of the field.
These strawberries had no chance!
Thankful Aunt Lauren and Mom could come, too!
Although not as plentiful, it was worth it and we will be back!
Right near there was a park where we enjoyed a picnic and then took a short walk near the lake!
It is a growing place and perfect for a destination close by that we enjoyed!
I don't know who likes it more for their momma to join them on field trips, me or this girl! 
We had a great time at Saluda Shoals Park learning all about Wetlands.
There was some learning time...
as well as free play on the playground...
and time to explore on our own.
We even found a ton of tadpoles in a large puddle in the parking lot.  I tried to ignore the dirty factor and enjoy this rare discovery. 
For Beach's family Birthday celebration, we did something different and had a dinner cookout at the lake.
Don't worry, he still got a special treat!
The kids opted for Popsicles while running around!
Kid loving the birthday boy!
Present time!
We live in such a beautiful area and I'm thankful we can take some time to enjoy it!
The kids loved wadding in the water and watching the boats come in!
Noting says loving like enjoying a movie in one large chair at a friend's house (with a vacuum)!  It was a great way to get some adult time in!
My heart is full reflecting back on another amazing month!

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