Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Zoe's Birthday (fever)

My poor precious little one came down with a high fever the night before her birthday.  Waking up the next day was not much different and she was pretty out of it.  Being a Saturday, I had planned a few fun things for us, but this little nugget was not able to go and instead did a lot of resting.
At one point, Grandma attempted to cheer her up and gave her her birthday present.  Poor thing, when I attempted to take a picture of her with it, she couldn't even keep her eyes open.  (In seeing these pictures later she told me to DELETE....but, thus, is life right now.)
However, that night she was up to opening the few little gifts for her.
Sister was excited to give her the presents she had for her: some wrapped change...
and a little lamp.
Zoe, also, loved getting her own mug (along with a few dresses)!
On our big family meal day everyone was back to normal!
The aunt's gave Ezra his gifts (since they were not there before).
Car themes and a sweet picture!  Which he loved them all!
Then it was Zoe's turn to open her own gifts...
and she got her own picture.
It was great to see she was back to her animated self!
She was beyond excited to get a lamp, which she asked for!
Strawberry cake time did not disappoint!
So thankful for Grammy for making things extra special!
One more memory making celebration, a later birthday date with her aunt Lauren!  
Although, not what I had planned, my sweet little seven-year-old did not complain one time of being sick on her birthday.  I am beyond grateful that I get to be her momma!

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