Saturday, April 1, 2017

My 7-year-old Zoe

Seven years ago my world was rocked by the blessing of your new life, Zoe.  
You continue to be my little mini me in countless of ways.
  I'm so thankful for your compassionate heart that when hears a need, becomes broken, searching out for answers and ways to help.
I know this sensitivity can be difficult at times and you feel things so deeply, but God can use this in your life in mighty ways!
Your heart also has a strong desire to get things right!  The sense of justice runs strong.  A perfectionist to the core, you hate to hear of anything that you may not being doing well.

We have had a lot of fun new first, like loosing some teeth!
 You think it is the best thing to surprise me and make me breakfast (just like a do for you), such a thoughtful thing!
I have loved seeing how you have returned to dance this year and are thriving in it.  
You are graceful and use those long legs to perform in our home often, or anywhere that may be a stage (like a park stump).  I think it is so fun that you still stick your tongue out when your concentrating!
While most of my workouts are when your in school, the times when you are home, are so fun when you join in...wanting to keep up with me, weights and all.  Despite your size, your a strong little (Plank slides in pic). 
With some long legs!
 Your animated and purely joyful spirit brings light to a room...
 Or outside.
How you are an awesome big sister.  Sure, there are the normal sibling rivalry, most of the time you are so caring and seem to genuinely enjoy playing with your brother and sister!  You look out for them and want them to have the same joys you experience.
You, also, adore the rest of your family and give the best big hugs!  Your size and strength make it easy to still scoop you up in a big hug.  
I'm so thankful that you LOVE school and your teacher.  You are thriving there and I don't know many first graders that love math as much as you....always thinking things through, wanting to know the time, and learning multiplication and division.
While you currently still want to be a cashier when you grow up, you also want to be a doctor.  There are a lot of questions you have about health, and it is exciting how you will make a difference in our broken needy systems, whatever that may look like in the future.
How I enjoy still holding you!  You like extra snuggles when your not feeling well.
Your animated self is a clear indicator of when your not feeling normally your bright smile is contagiousness full of emotion.
You have incredible self-discipline.  You want to be healthy and make amazingly wise choices to maintain your health.  I didn't understand a lot of this myself while in pregnancy and your first year and a half, and I know it has affected you.  I'm so thankful that we are learning together and your wanting to do all that you can to be well!
I sure don't know how I lucked out and got to be a mommy of such an amazing little girl!  So very thankful for my precious little that melts my heart!  You are so loved Zoe Noel Loveland!

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