Friday, March 31, 2017

My Ez-e is 3!

My baby is three and it is so bittersweet.  
Ezra you stole my heart as a baby and locked away the key.  As we leave the "terrible twos" behind us I recognize that they were not terrible at all!  You do have your preferences and desires but overall can be easily redirected.
Your easy going personality your inherited from your father, thankfully, has been sticking around.
You still love to snuggle with me each night and nap time (and I hope you always will)!  I can't seem to get enough of it (partially as I feel your our last).

You always want me to "snuggle" (lay down next to your crib) each day and give me kisses through the bars.  We held on to that crib till almost three as you enjoyed it and respected the boundaries (most of the time).
Although you can be reserved still around strangers, you never hold back your smiles from me!  
You will often give them the serious face and especially don't like it when you get a lot of attention (you eventually took off your Olaf hat when after so many people complemented your cuteness).
So I was very proud of you when you were able to walk down the ale all by yourself at your aunt's weeding!
(Knowing that daddy had a bribing cracker at the end didn't hurt either.)
You can be just as animated as your sisters, literally bouncing with excitement at times (but not overly crazy "boy" energy, like I have heard others speak about their sons)! 
(We jokingly call you a Muppet when as your joy needs a full mouth to come out of.)
You still adore all things boy, and on the top of that list are transportation toys, although you rotate through favorites, seeming to try to figure out how each one works before finding a new one for the day.

I never thought I would enjoy having boys toys around, but knowing how much joy they bring me makes me so happy too!
You love being "twinsiess" with your family members, which usually calls for much excitement, smiles and bouncing.
You adore the men in your life, including your daddy and grandpa!
And we could never forget your Poppy LOVE!
Your truly enjoy playing with your sisters and most of the time they easily include you in their play (which is so nice for this momma).  
Playing with your cousins also brings you such happiness!
Books now hold more of your attention, especially ones with vehicles! 
Your a good sport when going to your sister's games and such!
My little man loves him some sunglasses!
Since there is no little behind, I find myself caring you often, as you seem to snuggle and fit so perfectly!
You love your daddy, but not so much tickling...well perhaps for just a bit!
One day you may even fill his shoes (but they are very big shoes to fill)!
How I could look at your little profile all day!
My precious boy, "always never leave me" (as you like to say at nap time).  You have my heart in a way that I never knew possible....I love you to pieces my BuBu!

March Random Madness

Besides Shiloh's birthday (blog here) and Ezra's birthday (blog here), we had a lot of unusual adventures this month!
It included a kids reading time and cooking class.
The girls were thrilled (and Ezra had to stay behind as it was nap time)...
Especially when they got to try their goodies!
Another day daddy took them riding on the golf course...
where there was plenty of things to keep them busy.
Then the craziest thing happened!  Somehow the weather got really cold and called for snow again on a Saturday!  To celebrate we had a fire...
roasted marshmallows...
and had a S'more.....crazy weather call for crazy things (and yes this would be considered crazy in our house)!
The next day did not disappoint.
We headed to the golf course to get the most snow....PJs and all.
Snowball fun!
We (mostly me) managed to build a little snowman before being called in for breakfast.
Beach had prepared a feast complete with eggs, toast, grits, bacon and lattes....his kind of morning!
I managed to convince him that he needed to join us for some more play outside afterwords!
The girls really wanted to try sledding (on cookie trays) ....
despite us explaining that there was not enough snow, we decide to still let them try and they would go a bit with a little push.
Zoe finally got her snow angel....which she loved!
The snow was quickly gone and the girls made a terrarium together.
We celebrated sweet Aunt D's birthday with the family too!
Poppy often picks up Zoe from school on Wednesday....something she greatly looks forward too.  Sometimes they all get a treat with the master story tellers sharing his tails!
The girls prepared another "vegetable party" before dinner, complete with decorations!  Somebody was not so excited about getting his picture taken!

A beautiful Friday afternoon and the park was calling us for some after school fun.  Zoe wanted her picture taken here.

Clearly my kids had free reign of their outfits that day!

I had some littles console me after bonking my head underneath some playground equipment running after an adorable boy.  They made the pain fade pretty quickly (the bump and bruise on my forehead - not so much)!
We love our nap times around here...Beach "helped" Ez get to sleep one weekend.
I think I will keep her!
Another beautiful day and we enjoy some time with friends (the few that were sitting long enough for a picture).
They had a surprise birthday present for Shiloh.
Checking out the goods!
It was a winner for sure!
We hosted our chocolate and coffee pairing during our first roastery tour!
It went great (in my humble option), and I loved getting to see my man in his element sharing his passion!
This little one got her own "donuts with dads" since he couldn't come to her school one.  She had been looking forward to it for weeks!
March we loved all the crazy fun you had to bring and fill our lives with!