Sunday, February 19, 2012


I'm a planer, how I love a schedule, lists and things to check off as completed!
And how life is so not like this!

As we wait the arrival of our next daughter and my ball of a belly continues to grow, my mind wonders on when she will come. We got caught up on so many details this weekend, thankfully, that I thought that it would be time for her to make her appearance! I'm trying to get rest; Beach is home (which would make things a lot easier); One of my fav. doctors is on call; My friend would be able to come to the birth with her amazing Douala support; My mom has President's day off to help with Zoe; and my due date is only a couple of days away... so doesn't she know all theses wonderful factors? To top it off my body is showing major signs that its close and my Dr. said that she thought she would come least by my due date (Tues!) I keep wondering!
I thought about all those "natural" ways to get birth started. Ways that have been really effective for people and even us when we tried them after Zoe had not appeared a week after her due date. But I was hesitant, not sure about it....some how deep down, despite it making "sense" in my mind to have her this weekend something bigger was there. God's it is so perfect. How, even when we can't understand it, it is so much better than anything we could ever plan out, for reasons we may never know. And how that brings me peace. To know that the Lord of the universe cares for every hair on Shiloh's head and will work out his perfect timing, to rest in such and not have to worry that He is in control. Thank you Lord for your peace! We can't wait to meet you baby girl (whether that be tonight or a couple of weeks from now)....when your ready and when your Abba says it's time!


  1. Amen Jessica! God's timing is always perfect. Can't wait to hold Shiloh in my arms. Love you!

  2. Love this post friend. Trusting with you for Gods perfect timing!