Friday, February 10, 2012

New life

It's February!!! The month my sister, Danielle, and I are both due. We squeezed in a hypnobirthing class (that's right...ask me if you want to know more about it!) and watching some birthing videos for the library. Danielle got them in just in time as her little girl came a couple of days early - a week before her due date!!!
Adalyn is here!!! Danielle did so well in being able to have a natural birth in the hospital. So proud of my sis in being able to do so! They seemed to be adjusting really well...what a blessing!
Zoe enjoyed seeing the new baby...the next time we saw her, she went to kiss her head but licked her instead....not sure what that was about :-) but I will go with it was just her way of showing her love!
That means it's almost my turn. My doctor told me with a smile when she left our last appointment that she wished that I could just stay pregnant forever. Hummm....not thinking that is going to work. Well, forever is about to come to an end as Shiloh is getting ready to make her arrival as my body prepares with all theses contractions I am having. I'm feeling a lot more ready for it as the house is coming together and feels more baby ready! Helps my mind and emotions be ready to to meet another child of God that the Lord has chosen my womb to knit together in!

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