Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Headed to the hospital...false alarm...ummm then home again

Ok, tonight is the night, I thought, after being in pain for a few hours. The contractions had started and, although not super strong yet, I knew that could change. So I tried to get some rest and peace after a long day at work to gear up for the long night that could be to come. It was so good to be able to do so and I felt more ready. Ok....they were still coming 2-8 minutes apart and my Dr. had told me that when they were 10 minutes apart I should come into the hospital to get some antibiotics for my strep (and try to be there 6 hours before birth, really, who can predict that!). I didn't feel that it was quiet time yet but I called anyway and sure enough Dr. told me to come on in. Since it was already 10:30pm, and my mom was going to have to come over to watch Zoe, and my Douala friend was having to drive from Prosperity to meet us...I decided to take it as it is and go on in.

I felt very silly riding in the wheelchair that they make you get in upon arrival. I mean I had walked in there and was planning on walking the baby out, was it really necessary. Protocol he said, though, and quickly went around all the hallways, as I tried not to laugh.
Well, turns out that I had not progressed any from my doctor's appointment earlier that day. They wanted to monitor me more and I had to lay down and wait. So I did, and the contractions lessened in length and intensity. My Douala explained that hospitals can often do that to a person, especially when you have to be still.

After several minutes of waiting, the nurse said I would have to get an IV in order for them to try to get what they needed on the baby heart monitor. How I hated technology, at that point. I had no fear that there was anything wrong but knew that that was, again, their protocol of being careful. However, Shiloh must have heard and gave them exactly what they wanted right after she left the room. Which meant no IV for me and I was free to walk around. So I did for 20 minutes, which brought the contractions back more consistently and strongly. I was so tired in that it was 1 am and felt that I could work at getting her out (and maybe do so) but was sooo worn out already. However, another check and no change. An option to spend the night in the hospital or go home. Really, sleep at the hospital, in this uncomfortable bed, and where would poor Beach no, let's go home. And home we went.
My Douala comforted me in saying that I did the right thing, I did not fail, her own mother (who had 11 children) was sent home with her 10th from having false labor. I just hated to inconvenience her, Beach and my mom with such a late night that would effect their whole next day as well. So I was close, I thought....but not near close enough!

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