Sunday, February 19, 2012

V-day surprise!

So I've been trying to cram in many things before this new little one comes.....but unfortunately date nights have not been one of them (nor have we had one in quite some time). I feel like there is so much to do to make sure we are ready for Shiloh's arrival and we are getting close that that kind of got placed on the back burner.

Beach and I try not to make a big deal out of holidays and expectations...well at least it has become that way, which is better for us. However, we used to have a tradition of painting pottery at Two Peas in a Pot during their Valentine's day special: a yummy pasta meal, wine, lots of chocolate and a relaxed atmosphere to let the mind create, made for an evening we greatly looked forward to each year. It really beat waiting forever for a table at some restaurant! But sadly they closed a couple of years ago.

Well, this was somewhat of an important day, as it was the day that we started dating 8 years ago (if you don't count our stint in High School that is). I wanted to do something, even on a work night and being 39 weeks pregnant, it pushed me to think. I had a surprise for Beach this year, as I found that another pottery place had recently opened up right near by and were open for the night (and I had a coupon of course)! So I didn't tell him what we were doing and, after stopping in for a quick bite at Moes (we didn't have time for anything else after work and it's one of our fav!), off we went. It was funny trying to hear him guess where he thought we could possibly be headed as he was clueless.

We ended up at the Art Smart Academy in Irmo, which I recommend - and they have a lot of specials throughout the week! We had a good time and after much deliberation finally were able to decide on creating something to hang in Shiloh's room. The owner of the shop taught us a new technique, which was fun and interesting (I will heading there again and be using this one on other pieces!). Poor Zoe ended up with a late night out at Grammy's so that we could complete our masterpiece.
A V-day date night for under 20 bucks....not bad!
After it was fired, we were pretty to figure out where to hang it in her room. There is still much blank wall space left, so that shouldn't be an issue! Happy to have something personalized for her that Beach and I were able to create on a special night together!

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